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Do you eat your cooking mistakes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23831points) March 30th, 2022

Or do you toss them in the trash?

Funny stories welcome:

When a was a teenager, my dad and I ate a store bought cream pie. We hated it but ate most of it until we read the underside of the packaging telling us to cook it first. Lesson learned.

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I wouldn’t eat something that tasted bad.

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I give them a good try but if they’re awful I just dump them. I tell my family, if it’s bad I promise never to do it again. If it was experimental it’s never going to be the same another time anyway.

My husband always said if it’s good food he’ll eat it, even if it’s badly cooked. I think his time in the military had something to do with that.

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Depends on how bad it is. When we were first married, I made about 4 pounds of meat into chili, I thought. But instead of chili powder, I had put ground cloves in by mistake. Well, we weren’t rich and that was going in the freezer for severaL winter meals. We et it!

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When I was newly married to my future ex I made some macaroni noodles. It was like the incredible expanding monster. I put this giant bowl of noodles on the table, looked at it curiously and asked “Do noodles grow?”
He just laughed.

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Usually, I eat them.

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I don’t have to worry about it because I don’t make mistakes! ROFLMAO

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I don’t cook, not allowed in the kitchen. My wife says I’m more of a nuisance than a help to her.

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If it’s remotely edible,
I’ll probably eat it. :P

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I have rarely made a mistake so bad that it couldn’t be eaten.

One time when I was steward for the fraternity kitchen, I left a note for the cook: “Please make the frozen raviolis and a sauce for dinner. Accompany with broccoli.” He baked the raviolis on a sheet pan ratehr than boiling them, and instead of a tomato sauce, he made a Bechamel. We figured he knew he had messed up because he left early. I ended up giving everyone $7.50 each to go get pizza slices and salad.

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I would eat it if it didn’t taste too bad. Totally burnt parts get thrown away, though.

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