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Do you refrain from answering questions on Fluther when you are tired (and possibly delirious)?

Asked by Nimis (13222points) September 16th, 2008

I just blathered on trying to (first, comprehend…then) answer a question. After which I realized I should not have been answering questions in the first place. Do you consider certain conditions that may hinder you from giving someone a good (or even decent) answer? (This could also apply to when you are angry, hungry, really need to go to the bathroom, etc) If so, do you revisit the question later?

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All the damn time. I often click to follow a question I haven’t answered because I want to answer it later when I’m less likely to word things in a way that might inadvertently offend someone. Usually it’s due to tiredness. Every once in a while it’s because I’m in a foul mood and just want to take it out on everybody in the universe. I tend to be pretty aware of it, though, and I can usually rein myself in.

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I’ve refrained a lot lately. I don’t really go on here anymore.

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And we’ve missed you Haight. Your voice is needed here.

There are several jellies who Fluther with a libation (that’s sort of like delirious). I would second MacBean and say that I often try to let some time pass before I fluther in anger. I have written pages of answers in the wee hours only to delete them before posting. I think it’s important that one applies a filter, and responds to the situation instead of reacting to the situation.

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Let me answer that one later, please.

Right now, I am ti—

Never mind…

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Mac ‘n’ Breed: Great answers, both. Though maybe I shouldn’t have included anger as one of the examples/options. That kind of warrants an obvious answer. (Don’t do it!) What about more grey areas like being tired or hungry? Or do you think those also lead to being irritated?

Haight: Why do you refrain lately?

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JackA: Har. Was waiting for one of those.

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nope. I carry on regardless. Can’t you tell?

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Light: Nope. Can’t tell.
(That was a decent answer.)

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@ nimis then you should read some of the other rubbish I write

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if i’m tired or in a hurry i’ll just read the questions and answers and come back to it later. if i have something that requires extra thought or eloquence i’ll think about it throughout the day and answer it later. i try not to be critical of people who ask questions i think are silly because i feel like who am i to judge. if they have a question and people have answers for it, that’s what it’s all about.

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Mcbean Breed and jca are all over my answer.

I will fluther to take a break when i am working late but now try to stay away from emotionally charged topics

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And I stay away from emotionally charged Flutherers

I rarely send off an answer that isn’t purely factual without brooding on and and perhaps returning to it. Even so, I always have regrets.

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I have certain problems with “emotional hiccups”. I have gotten way better. If I do goof I always make sure I apologize in public, because I have disrupted and inconvenienced the thread and fluther.

Now, I type out what I really want to say. then delete and leave the page.

I can’t complain to much though. I got to make your friendship gail as a result of apologizing for one of my stupid unjustifiable blowups.

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I’ve had severe bronchitis for days, and have not participated as much as I usually would because of it. If I’m not thinking straight, it seems like a bad idea.

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Thanks! Good answers, all.
Now I just need to realize I’m delirious (when I’m delirious).

Bri: Good idea on typing and deleting.

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I don’t care if I’m tired, awake, or malfunctioning in any way. I just type and press “answer.” Every once in a while I might do a little research. But only if pressed. I don’t reread. I don’t edit (mostly). I have sent in an answer, on occasion, when I am not at all sure I made sense, or when I was worried that people would get pissed at me because I was saying unpopular things, but when I get to the end, I don’t hesitate. I have a rule. If I’ve written it, I don’t take it back, no matter how bad. I just press enter.

It’s kind of liberating. And it helps that this is not the real world. I would never say half the stuff I say here in the real world. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time here. I have no voice in reality. A virtual voice is better than no voice.

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Never. I always answer questions and try to answer as much as I can. Though somehow, I have a phobia of asking question :S.

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@90s_kid—I have an asking phobia, too. I’ve been here for almost seven months and have only asked four questions.

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That’s usually when I do answer.

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