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Guys how long do you wait before you call your girl friend.

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 17th, 2008

Especially after you went to see her yesterday will you imeadietly call for the next date or just let the girls calls you instead.

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i’m not a guy but i’m answering anyway. i don’t understand why you don’t just call her right away if you like her, and don’t worry about what it looks like. don’t play games. if you like somebody, call them, and if you don’t, then don’t.

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We don’t like to come across as desperate, needy, or smothering because it doesn’t seem to appealing. In the beginning when I’m just getting to know a girl I don’t like to be a pest and call a lot plus you have to leave some mystery. When I was first getting to know my GF she made the first phone call and she was the one who would call me once a day but now I’m the one who calls. It may be he is waiting for you to give him a call. He may be insecure to the fact that you don’t like him and it makes him nervous to call. It all depends on the guy and how the date went.

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If this is the same girl as in your previous question; don’t call. At all!

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I agree with the “don’t play games” suggestion. Don’t worry about “rules” or whatever. If you like them then give ‘em a call. If she’s into playing games, she might not be worth it.

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Call her as soon as you want to. Don’t be a manipulative jerk, and don’t play games.

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i have to agree with cwilbur. games are for kids. if you really like someone, playing the “i dont want to seem like i’m all giddy in love” card is for the losing hand. you like her? show and prove then.

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Personally, I get annoyed when people call right away. I want a significant other, not a needy puppy. Give me a couple of days to think about things.

Though, if you say you’re going to call sooner than in a couple of days, you’d better. Unless there’s honestly a good excuse not to.

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You don’t have to sound needy to just make a call the next day and say, “I really enjoyed yesterday and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I’ll call you in a few days to see what your schedule’s like for the weekend.” Then the callee still has time to think about things, but they aren’t left wondering what’s up.

But remember that it’s not like a hair appointment where you need to make the next one before you leave the place or just be out of luck. :^>

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You should definitely call her unless she said that she would be busy and unable to answer calls. If you really are worried, then ask her if she thinks you call her too much. If she gets mad that you had to ask instead of just magically knowing, then maybe she isn’t the girl for you. However, most girls would rather you ask instead of trying to guess what they want. Just remember that asking her too many questions about the state of your relationship (like if you call too much) will get on her nerves and make you seem needy and insecure. Good luck!

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oops I did NOT realize the person asking was a boy…haha sorry I look like a jackass…carry on

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On the contrary qualitycontrol all views are indeed welcome.

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