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What is your child going to be this Halloween?

Asked by Mugsie (296points) September 17th, 2008

My boys are 7 & 8. Every year they know a month or two before what they are going to be. This year they haven’t said anything. So I was wondering what’s hot this year.

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Well, Halloween isn’t a big thing in Australia, but my friends and I like to do it anyway cause it’s fun. However, most of the time after we yell trick or treat! the person behind the door goes “oh, is it halloween or something?” so we go with simple and traditional costumes so as not to confuse. I’m usually a witch, easiest thing to throw together without having to buy anything. Don’t know if I will this year though, it might be more confusing for Australians if 16 and 17 year olds are trick or treating…

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My child(ren) are in their 20’s and I imagine my son will go as something perverted and my daughter will go as something trashy. Neither are either in real life, but I think both have the tendencies to be so and All Hallows Eve allows them to let the wild side out.

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My oldest (14) will be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (she also was Dorothy once when she was little). The other two haven’t decided yet.

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One of my older sons did Dorothy one year too. He was little and I must say adorable, ssshhhh don’t tell anyone, he will kill me LOL!

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Your son did Dorothy? Hahaha…too funny/cute.

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Yes ~ he was maybe 5 and had a big crush on her and asked if he could be her for Halloween, and I said ~ sure hunny! He even wore the red ruby slippers….

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My son is Dorothy everyday…but for All Hallows Eve <dun, dun, dun…scary music> He’ll be the WIcked Witch.

He has an elaborate plan where he’ll fly on his broom stick to each doorbell, then jump off, say “eeeeeeeehhheeehheee! Trick or Treat!” , then get back on & “fly away”. He expects me to pick he (36lbs) & the broomstick up to make this work.

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My son was so in love with Dorothy that everyone was buying things for him, all to do with Dorothy ~ pillow cases, t-shirts, ink stamps, pictures, books, figurines, cups, and toys by the ton, you name it and we have had it. I also have a stamp (can’t remember the year) that I framed for him of Dorothy, I want to say it was when they where $0.25 cents. SpatzieLover ~ it is a time I will treasure for ever! He (Josh ~ is 22 now) doesn’t even want you to talk about it LOL!

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Well, mine is gonna hate the pics & videos…

Dancing around in dresses and pleading with us, “Call me DOROTHY!!!”.

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