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Do you ever answer questions out of pity?

Asked by SuperMouse (30845points) September 17th, 2008

Flutherers, do you jump into orphan threads? Have you ever answered a question just because no one has responded to it?

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@Sueanne, I guess I asked for that.

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No. If I have something to say, I’ll say it. If I don’t have something to say on the matter the fact that no one else has yet doesn’t change that.

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I must admit that yes, sometimes I do. There are some questions that don’t really interest me, but because I see no one else has answered and I know I can give at least a decent answer, I will answer it. However, this has yet to happen to me on Fluther. I find that there is an abundance of good questions and good answers here :0)

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@SM: Like coach always said: “If you see a softball as big as your head, hit it quick and hard”. She also used to say this about other things…

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@Sueanne LOL!!!

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I’m going to answer this Q, the way that woman responded, when she was asked, “Did you like your date with the conjoined twins?”

“Well, yes and no…”

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No, usually just the things that catch my attention! I was curious as to what others were saying on this one! I promise I didn’t try to rescue the thread, I was truly interested! :)

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Me, too. I only answer things that interest me. So much so, that if there’s a question that has an easy (to me) answer, I’ll skip it. I’m afraid I’m a selfish person. I don’t answer to help others. I answer to learn new things.

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I have been known to do this. Depends on my mood and how long the Q has just lain there.

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only if it provides me with the opportunity to beat shilolo to the punch

but, sigh, he’s SO much more flutherer than i am

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@drhat77 Envy is not pretty! :) There is plenty o’ room in this here collective for multiple medicos. Does this mean you are the green jelly in your avatar?

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marina very funny :-) GA. BTW i thought of going on astrochuck’s congrats thread for you and making some lame crack, but it just work out.

rest assured, i’m jealous of your stellar rise, too.

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@drhat77 My best laugh of the day. Thanks. I feel in good company with shi, then. I have loved having your voice as part of the collective from the beginning.

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awwww warm fuzzies :-)

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I think if not for pity, a lot of my questions wouldn’t get answered!
I know. I know. I need to work on my question-asking skills.

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I think I tend to give the answers one wants to hear when pressuerd – is this what is meant to answering out of pitty?

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