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What would be the best way to clean up a room?

Asked by KRD (5264points) April 6th, 2022

My bedroom is unorganized and I’ve been trying to clean it but I don’t know where to begin. I also don’t want to be in my room all day and not do other things. Any ideas to get my room cleaned?

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It may take a big chunk of time, but once you get it done, it is easier to maintain.

First of all get rid of any and all trash. That includes papers and old mail that you have not touched for at least three months.

Anything that has not been touched in the last year goes. It may represent something from the past, but it was not important enugh for you to touch in a year. Out it goes.

Make your bed. Use clean sheets.

Get eveything off the floor, and put away. All your clothes folded or hung on hangers, shoes in the closet or tidily arranged. Dirty clothes in a laundry hamper. Then, do your laundry while cleann the rest of the room. After clothes are clean, fold and put away right away.

Everything off your nightstand except lamps and clock, and maybe a small keepsake box. But no papers, magazines, or books.

Then, once all the surfaces are tidied, dust with a clean dust rag and dust spray like Endust. After dusting everything, sweep the floor, and then vacuum.

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Maybe just hire someone to do it? Just a thought.

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Start with the big stuff first. In no time it will look like a lot has been done!

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Don’t whine. Just do it.

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Message the guy who invented this and ask him to invent one that sorts all the things.

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Clean something every day. Start by throwing out trash. Put dirty clothes in hamper. You could also donate or sell some stuff. You’d probably be surprised at what’s left.

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If you are in your 20s or younger, you can do a marathon stretch and clean it. Just do it.
If you are older than that, such a thing might be physically impossible. So it may take 3 days altogether.
The reason you don’t know where to start is that if you pick any single thing to clean up in there, it will require additional chores to get it done.
If your trash can is full, then it needs to be taken to the outdoor trash. If that trash if full, then you’ll need to buy some heavy duty garbage bags.
Start out by bringing a garbage bag up to your room and begin throwing away your scraps, and your trash. Also throw away anything you haven’t used in a year. Just give it up.
No, don’t save it for Goodwill. Don’t save it for the kids. Don’t save it for an emergency. Just throw it away now.
Start with the visible trash. Then move onto the invisible trash. The stuff that’s cluttering up your drawers.
Bring two boxes up to your room. One for clean clothes, one for dirty clothes. Begin tossing all loose clothes into one of the two boxes.
Throw away anything that doesn’t work.
If you’re a smoker, throw away all those damn dead lighters. They’re just a tease.
After all the garbage is removed from the room, then begin the process of grouping Like things together. All pens should be together. All CDs should be together. Get a box to put your necessary electronics in. If you have redundant cords, throw the extras away.
Sometimes you may come across something that requires a lot of sorting. Such as your paper files. For now, just make 3 piles of papers: Immediately Important, Important to Save, and Ready to Throw away. You can organize the papers later after the room is clean. You’ll be tempted to just leave the papers in boxes. That’s fine. At least they’re all there, and when you need one, you’ll have to just go through the pile. But at least you’ll find it.
Throw away knickknaks. No one needs figurines. Toss ‘em. No one needs gag gifts. Toss ‘em. If your tables are full of picture stands, put them all in a box for now. Picture stands are messy. You should hang the pics up or put them in an album. Don’t put them in stands on a table. Throw the stands away after saving the pictures.
If you have a million pens, throw them all away, or put a rubber band around them and put them in a drawer so you can pull them out later, one at a time, as needed.
After you do all this, then it’s time to start organizing.
Take everything off all the shelves and put them into categorical groups. Throw away anything not needed. Then put what’s left back on the shelves in categories. Then do the same thing with your drawers.
And if you hide money or drugs in your sock drawer, stop doing that. Every thief on earth knows to look in the sock drawer.
After all that is done, then you can vacuum the floor and wipe the dust off all your electronics, and other surfaces.
When the room is totally clean, take a picture of it and hang it up in that very room.
Because you will make the room messy again, and you need to remind yourself how good it feels to have things in order.

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“When the room is totally clean, take a picture of it and hang it up in that very room.

Because you will make the room messy again, and you need to remind yourself how good it feels to have things in order.“

Really important to hang onto the reminder of motivation to clean.

Would totally take a picture and keep on my phone. But love the suggestion of taking it to the next level. Duly noted that photo is hung up and not in stands on a table. :P

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I’ll try that @raum.

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