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Any SAW fans out there? Are you exited about #5 or are you sick of it?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 17th, 2008

SAW 5 opens up on Halloween!!!!

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Saw 4 got away from the Saw “charm” and into the gore. Turned me off, especially since I didn’t remember Saw 3 when I watched it (which ruins the entire thing).

I suspect Saw 5 will be all gore. If I DO watch it, it will be on pay-per-view.

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Personally, like Mr_M, I think it’s gone from tight physchological thriller to a blood and gore fest. I liked the first one, it was a creative, unique, fresh idea. The second one moved a little bit away from the first one, but by the time the third one came about the entire transformation had occurred, removing any intelligence from the concept and just making it an excercise in watching people be tortured. The morality lessons, the clever whodunnit aspect, etc. are all gone by the time you hit Saw III, and Saw IV, well Jigsaw is dead, that should have been the end of it. Now you’re moving into Jason Voorhees territory.

I’ll probably eventually see 5 on DVD long after it comes out, but I have zero expectations for it.

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I’m exited about it. Completely out the door, walking away, not looking back. Couldn’t care less.

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Nope…it’s gone too far. It was the first “unique” horror movie in a very long time.

Maybe as a rental on Netflix, but not before that time!

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I’m excited! Saw is, like cak so smartly pointed out, the first unique horror movie in a long time, and I can’t get enough.

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Loved the first, 2nd was ok, all downhill from there. I’ll still get it from Netflix, though.

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By the way, anyone who likes Saw might like a movie called “Untraceable”. Deals w/ the same type of topic…people are kidnapped and strapped into some sort of death device which is hooked up to a website where the more people who click on the website while a victim is being killed, the faster the device brings on his/her death.

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@Dale – I liked that movie – actually put it back on the netflix list!

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I didn’t mind it, not as good as Saw, but better than Saw II inmsho.

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I actually just watched the first four in June, and I reviewed them here.

To summarize: I thought the first one was absolute garbage and the only reason I continued with the series was because I already had the second and third ones sitting here waiting to be watched. I liked the second one a little better and the third one even better than that. I didn’t care for the fourth one, though I didn’t feel like I wanted my time back at the end like I did with the first one.

I’m sure I’ll end up watching the fifth one when it’s out on DVD and I can put it on my Netflix queue, because I’m like that when it comes to series. But I won’t pay to see it in theaters.

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the first one was great…you couldn’t tell if it was intentional or if the acting was just bad.
I love them all. The last was not my fave tho…I have high hopes for the 5th. I will see it on All Hallows…as I support most horror films that are released. Seeing horror in a big theatre is half the fun.

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