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Do you do something that you know is wrong on a regular bases?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 17th, 2008

Because it just feels good, or you are addicted etc. but you just know it is WRONG. Whether it hurts you or someone else or not.

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You mean like a drive a non-smart car, smoke, drink, eat fat, salt, sugar, stress, worry…..etc? In that case: Yes, I do!

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Absolutely. Just now I went and got lunch from Burger King rather than making myself a salad.

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I eat things that are bad.

I also don’t punch out for my 1/2 hour break. My reasoning is that HR was supposed to my raise months ago and are dragging their heels.

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Smoke. Drive too fast. Eat like crap.

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Count me in with the smokers and crap eaters. I also drink way too much coffee. I also drive a behemoth of a vehicle that eats gas like I breathe oxygen and nicotine.

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I might die before I hit 30 for the way I lead my life, but, I have to enjoy every little thing, specially all the bad things :)

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Well, my mom and my church have always told me it’s wrong, but I’ve been doing in nearly everyday for 40 years or so.

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@sueanne, me too…. but about 20 years for me.

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Like mistaking bases for basis?

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Wrong by my definition: I don’t put everything that is recyclable in the recycling bin, but it’s usually when I’m not home. But I try.

What others think is wrong: I couldn’t care less.

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Living in sin. Kind of awesome.
Though, of course, I don’t think it’s wrong.

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Yes, and every day I tell myself I will make a fresh start. There’s always hope!

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like spell basis incorrectly?

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@ MrItty: I did EXACTLY what you said today. Burger king and all. and do all to frequently.

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i begin with lusting after someone else’s husband, to speeding, to eating the wrong foods. probably more than the above, if i think hard enough. spending money that i shouldn’t, the list goes on. doing things at work that are not work related (along with most of my coworkers and supervisors, who can often be found with their checkbooks on their desks).

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if there’s a cure for this, i don’t want it until morning…....

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i’m on fluther way too much when i should be doing something else like cleaning the house – (the guilt, the guilt).

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I didn’t punch out for my 1/2 hour either, but HR has caught up with me. I’m forced to take a lunch break now, dammit!!

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HR caught up with us. Nobody takes the 1/2 hour… ever.

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I did today tho…. left the bitch on her own…heh heh heh I got a little surprise for you tomorrow poof.

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