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When you make your tuna salad, do you add salt?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29000points) April 23rd, 2022 from iPhone

Or not since the rest of the ingredients you use all combine to give you satisfyingly salty flavor already? Thank you.

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I now add salt to everything. Doctor’s orders.

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I don’t add salt to tuna salad although I am not anti-salt and use it in many things.

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I use anchovy paste from a tube (Umami and salt). Chopped celery and onions with a dash of garlic powder.

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I do not, not a big fan of salt in general.

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I wasn’t either until I landed in the ER with severe salt deficiency @KNOWITALL.

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You must be from the planet M-113.

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No. I should add salt to everything but I don’t like saltiness like I did when I was young.

@ragingloli You obviously aren’t familiar with the many reasons a doctor may order someone to increase sodium intake.

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No I dont add more salt as other foods have salt in them to make up that deficiency.

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The canned tuna already has salt in it so, no.

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Maybe just a pinch, kind of depends on my taste buds when I sample it; and definitely pepper! Also depends on when in the day I make it. I find that the later it is, the more likely I am to want to add salt (to anything). Things taste saltier in the mornings.

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I do, a little, if final taste calls for it. There’s enough other stuff in there that it doesn’t take much.

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I add chopsticks to my tuna salad.

Just kidding.
I add salt.

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It depends on how it tastes when I get done adding all the ingredients. Often I will add lemon pepper that adds enough zing to make salt unnecessary.

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I add lemon juice if it seems bland.

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^^I do too. :)

I think what I want is my tuna salad to have a close to perfect balance in saltiness, sweetness and sourness. I put in relish for sweetness. I am toying with the idea of using tiny bits of pineapple instead of relish.

Thanks so much jellies! Really appreciate all your answers. Sure fun reading them.

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Oh. I don’t make tuna salad!

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What’s so great about salt and pepper?

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I make it from a fresh tuna steak from the fish market and I add salt.

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Well, @Patty_Melt, our bodies need salt for our neurological functions, and we can’t produce it ourselves so we need to get it from outside sources.

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Oh! The First Fluther Question ever!

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@raum, indeed! I was reminded of it when reading the question. Then I wondered how many would recognize the reference. My bad, that I misworded it.

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@Patty_Melt I got the reference even with the slight mid wording. :)

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