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Ichat for windows?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7433points) September 17th, 2008

I love the Mac OS, and I prefer the iChat application over any other application out there…at the moment I’m using either Aim, or Pidgin…neither in my opinion are quite as nice as iChat…anyone know if it’s available, or if it might in the near future?

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Nope. It’s a Mac-only treat.

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@ waterskier2007 – haha – good one

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well, if ichat was there for the lesser OS, i’d let my friends install it so i could have normal conversations with them

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You could use ooVoo Works great! I hear.

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Right now there is no version of iChat compatible with the Windows operating system.

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Just save yourself headaches galore and get a Mac. that way you can have iChat and a better computer to run it on.

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I have a mac, but I just bought this new laptop, and it’s windows based. I have found a site that suggests putting leopard on it is pretty easy since it has pretty much the same hardware configuration as the macbook pro.

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While Leo will run on some Intel hardware which is built for XP/Vista, it can be a real headache. So be prepared for a long journey if you want to put Leo on a non-Mac.

While you’re pondering that, check this out:

It’s the first “official” Mac clone that will run Leo out of the box.

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yeah, or stuff like EFIX, the only thing is, it’s like screwing a post op transvestite, yeah, it’s a girl, but at the same time it’s dirty, so yeah, unless you’re a tranny lover you’ll be buying a real mac !

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I use ooVoo for my friends who have a PC and me with my Mac.

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Try Digsby. It is the best windows IM that i have found.


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I love you.

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BTW, what’s the make/model of that laptop?

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Asus G2S

Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz
3GB Ram
250GB hard drive
8600m GT

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@RandonMrdan: DUDE! You can get a Macbook Pro with a 2.4 Ghz Core2Duo, and a Dual-layer Superdrive for $1999! Yeah, it’s a smaller HD and a GB less mem, but why go with a machine that might work when you can get one that most definitely will work with Leo? And you can run XP/Vista on it too!

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dude, I picked up this notebook for 600 dollars.

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and why a macbook pro when a macbook will do just fine ?

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I use this computer for gaming. I don’t have a macbook pro.

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yeah i know, but i ment, why the advise for a macbook pro, it was pointed at maccmann

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@iwamoto how do you know he doesn’t need the graphics power?

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read the questions, it was about YOU, he said YOU could get a macbook pro, so my response was, why immediately a pro ?

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he probably searched how much my notebook cost retail, and saw it was probably the same price, if not more than the macbook pro, and a macbook doesn’t really compare to my Asus G2S

The Macbook doesn’t compare to what I have.

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FWIW I have been a Mac Pro for years. I have seen the best of the best try to skirt “the system.” Some work, most don’t.

However, if you do get it working stably and continually, I’d like to know.

MacbookPro = better machine. Better all around. I will figure that an inexpensive Asus will crap out in about two years. I have not had a problem with a Macbook Pro since I got one. The Pro also has a larger screen, better graphics and more hardware features. Who wants to look at a tiny 13” screen?

And yeah the Asus may run Leo…until the next OS update comes out. Then maybe not.

IMPO (P = professional). And any machine that you buy for $600 is worth what you pay for it. It’s like getting a $600 Dell: don’t expect it to last for long. Cheap price=cheap parts. Unless you got it used. If so, what is the retail on this? Yeah I did do the research and I saw one for $1999 with a 200GB HD and 2GB of RAM and a 2 Ghz processor.

Old Yiddish proverb: The cheap man pays twice.

Better to just get quality and pay for it then know it will last than go on the cheap and have a boat anchor in a year or two.

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@maccmann actually this notebook retailed something around 2200 dollars brand new, and it’s just as much computer as your macbook pro and probably more in some areas.

This Asus I got a clearance special on since I work in a retail store, I was the first one to have first dibs. Here are my specs:

Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz T7500
3GB Ram
250GB Hard drive
17in High res screen 1920×1200
blue tooth, wireless N
8600 GT graphics card 256MB
e-sata input, more usb hookups, firewire, 5-in-1 card reader

My screen is larger and has a higher resolution, the only thing you really have on my Asus is the OS, and .2ghz if you’re model has the 2.4ghz

My Asus is not by any means a cheap computer, I simply got a really really good deal on it.

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oh, and it was bought and returned, and then RTV’d (return to vendor) and it finally came back and was marked down from the retail price and still included full warranty. I extended it to 3 years for 60 dollars.

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ha, ah card reader, the true sign of an obsolete windows machine…

why would you want a 17” by the way ? that’s not a laptop but a foldable desktop, the macbook pro 15” for the same price has a 8600 gtm with 512 and a 2.5 C2D processor, just 2GB of RAM (but you don’t need that much on a mac than on windows) and the rest of the specs are the same (disk and wireless), the only thing it doesn’t have out of the box is an E Sata connector, but hey, you can get an expresscard connector for that

but let’s not get this into a “my notebooks better” discussion, you got you chat app and you’re getting a mac as a next machine, done..

by the way, ‘m working on a macbook pro as well, just a month old, all nice and new, and i know it’ll stay that way for a few years (untill i sell it in 2 years for a better one, not that i’d need to, but i like to keep it new)

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I have this 17in for playing games at LAN’s. And just a computer to have to use out in my living room and play games on. The size isn’t really a problem

And I know, this isn’t the place to argue who’s computer is better and yada yada.

All I’m saying is, I bought this computer, added warranty for 3 years for just 60 dollars, and it has just as much graphics power as the 1999.99 macbook pro, and has the same resolution as the 17in macbook pros

I love mac, I have a 20in imac 2.4ghz with the better graphics (2600 256mb) and larger hard drive (320GB).

I simply wanted to get the ichat application on here (which apparently isn’t possible), but I ended up finding Digsby, which is really really cool too.

Believe me, if I could have gotten a macbook pro just like this for the same price, I would have taken it =)

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I would like everyone to know, that I just bought a 17in imac with a core 2 duo for 161 dollars. with 1gb of ram and it has a graphics card too!

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ah, a white imac ! awesome dude

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@Random: $161? Not really sure how to respond to that. Was the person you bought it from in a coma?

Do you mean that it has the ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card?

Anyhow yeah, AWESOME! I used one of these for a bit when I was doing design work at a large university. It was great. Low desktop footprint despite having a large screen and FAST!

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haha yeah it’s a white one, it’s pretty slick.

And no, I bought it in a retail store…if you know me or have seen any of my posts before, I work in a retail store…this particular model was set to be sold at 599.99 (it didn’t have a box, and was a demo item that collected dust), but with my employee purchase, it discounted to 161 dollars!! I should also note, that it wasn’t running or being used, simply shut off and set aside to collect dust.

and yes, it has the x1600 graphics card.

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