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How much does sliced baloney cost in your local area?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24049points) April 27th, 2022

My one pound of baloney (14 silces 375 grams) costs $8.49 Canadian in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

The normal price, that I remember, was two 500 gram packages for $5.

What is it in your area?

What are some other food prices for groceries for you?

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I could probably get a pound of low quality for less than $5 US. Missouri.

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Bacon is killing us here in Northern Georgia. It went up over $2/pound overnight & it just won’t go back down!!!

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@LadyMarissa Here, too. It’s like $10 a pack. Better come down by tomato season haha!

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One pound Oscar Meyer All Beef $7.49 (454 grams).

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$3.99 for 16 oz (pacific northwest)

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Dayum you @KNOWITALL. Now I’ve got have me a fresh made BLT with the tomato out of my garden & the bacon piled 2 pounds high!!! I’d offer to share, but that sammy would be soggy before it made it to Missouri so I’m going to make it & eat it for you before the soggy sets in…hope you ENJOY it!!! ;]

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Safeway in California has regular bologna on sale for $3.50 US for a pound of Oscar Mayer.

But, you cannot afford what it does to your health.

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….Why….are you eating baloney?

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If it is what Wikipedia says it is (Lyoner), between 4 and 6 € per kg, or for the colonials: 0.005 to 0.0078 cent per scruple.

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You can get all the baloney you want, at no charge, by tuning into Fox News.

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16oz $2.56

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