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Pec exercises without weights?

Asked by xgunther (446points) August 6th, 2007 from iPhone

are there any pectoral muscle exercises that I can do at home without weights?

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Yeah, push-ups for sure.

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Also, there are alot of variations you do as well. For instance, try placing your feet on the bed a doing push-ups on the floor. The incline would be like increasing weights.

Make sure to do them slowly and sometimes hold them at the bottom. Thiswill increase your strength building.

Another trick is to try spacing your hands apart at different distances to modify your workout. You have to keep changing it up to get the best workout possible.

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Another variation is to use 2 chairs on either side of you with your hands on the nearest part of the seat (the seat backs furthest away) and lower yourself between the chairs as far as you can (progressively deeper over time) the increased range of motion really helps shape and define the pecs.

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You can find a place at home where you can do pull ups.

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more pushup mods: Diamond (or triangle)-put your hands together in the middle
one handed!! for uber pro’s
“jump” pushups (not sure if they have a real name)- basically get two six inch tall blocks and put them sort of to your sides. Do a regular pushup, but jump up and put your hands on the blocks, then do a pushup on the blocks and jump down…
you know what i mean? thats kind of not a good explination

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Or really hard ones out your feet on a wall and try to do some like that Warning:There very hard

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Try using exercise tubing… tubing across your back… handles out front. With your elbows out, shoulder blades back and down, and neck “long”, press your arms out to full extension in front of you. You can do one arm at a time or both arms simulataneously. Take up slack in the band if you need more resistance. You can also anchor the band on something solid behind you instead of across your back. If I have the tube anchored behind me, I like to split my stance (one leg front, one leg back… front knee bent). Try to ONLY push (or “press”) forward using your pecs and shoulders. Keep your trunk stationary.

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