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Why would anyone buy Lynn Spears' book?

Asked by Rickisgirl (285points) September 17th, 2008

What is her claim to fame, other than being the mother of 2 (somewhat) screwed up girls?

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The same reason people buy trashy tabloids and watch gossip shows.
People love to read about celebrities and their various problems.

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I’ll buy it from the discount bin when it is 99 cents. Three weeks from now it should be there.

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Gossssssip! I need gossssssssip!!!!!! That is the mentality that will lead to buying her book. She’s written about her claim to fame, which is to say being the mother to two famous girls and the ups and downs. She wrote what she knew. Which in this case means gossssssip.

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They are slaves to gossip.

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No. Or rather, fuck no.

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That’s her only claim to fame, RG, and for some reason, people are going to find that “readworthy.” Not me, not no how.

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I’d read it if I didn’t have to pay for it. That family is a train wreck and I just can’t look away.

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I don’t understand why anyone would buy it, but I do understand wanting to read it. (As MacBean said, the “wreck” aspect.)

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Psh. Gawker or Jezebel will do a summary of anything of interest in the book thereby removing the necessity of actually reading it. Or buying it.

this is in NO way an confession that I read Gawker. At all. Nope, nuh-uh, not me. F5! F5!

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I don’t know who Lynn Spears is. But I think your question betrays your point…what is it about this author Lynn Spears that causes you to single her out as an example of an author not worthy of consideration? I suspect that whatever it is about this person that draws you to place her name in front of so many people is exactly what draws people to read her book. To put it another way: why do you care? (And that’s a rhetorical question; I don’t care any more about your answer than I do about Lynn Whatever.)

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“Lynn Spears: How to ruin the life of your daughters in your greedy race to fame and fortune”
Is that the title of the book, if is not, I’m not buying it!

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Roadventer: Lynn Spears is the mother of Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears.

To answer the question, even though I think the Spears stories are silly and you’d have to be really desperate for something to read to buy this book, there are people who would think this is most fascinating and the book might be popular. Look at Tori Spelling’s book—it’s been on the NY Times Bestseller List since August. People are fascinated with celebrities in our society.

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She can write???

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If I was interested in raising self-absorbed, drug addict, psuedo-celebrities instead of upstanding citizens, I would buy her book in a heartbeat. In other words, no.

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Actually, SuperMouse, I believe the title is “How to Raise Self-absorbed, Drug Addict, Psuedo-celebrities”. :~)

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Heh, doesn’t it come with a button that says

“Screw up your kids! Ask Me How!”

I think most folks who might buy the book would do it because of her pseudo-celebrity. But I can imagine other reasons.

-If I was a child protection worker in a wealthy neighborhood, I might be interested in how that happens to someone.

-If I was a manager or booker of acts with limited talent, I might be interested in how she did it.

-If I’ve read everything else at the airport newsstand and I know I’ve already done the crossword in the skymall magazine and they’re all out of newspapers and I’m delayed for hours again and I already know what all the ingredients in the mini-mart burritos are… I might look around to see if someone’s left a book out somewhere.

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if my mother wrote a book about me i’d be pretty pissed. it’s bad enough she gossips about me to her sister.

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To gloat…“I would never let my children do something like that”...“I’m a much better parent than that”...

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