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I have a MacBook and want an external mouse, any suggestions?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) September 17th, 2008

I heard that the Apple mouses are not that great, but what else is out there for an external mouse on a MacBook?

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Oooohhh… lookee what Google dropped in my lap.

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Any USB mouse will work. I have a Kensington one that works better than the mighty mouse ever did. I paid 20$ for it.

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i got a wireless mouse at big lots cost me 13 bucks… and works pretty good

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I like the Razr Deathadder. It’s wired, but you can change the dpi and everything, plus it’s got 5 button goodness and you customize every button on the mouse through it’s firmware. Definitely a nice mouse if you do any gaming, design or 3d development. ps I hate the might mouse.

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i’m a pathetic fanboy, i play team fortress 2 with a mighty mouse, haha, and i have the E set as the right mouse button

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Oh! So weak iwamoto! So weak! =)

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i know, but you know, i can’t show up on lan parties with an awesome macbook pro and…a regular mouse…well, even worse, a customer today had a specially branded microsoft laptop mouse, not an awesome sidewinder, but a plastic crappy one…geez, talk about horrible

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That is terrible! My mouse for my pc is the logitech mx600 which is fairly nice as well. Both are laser so it’s definitely nice.

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I have this one which I bought at an Apple store. I’m very happy with it. I never bother to turn it off and have only had to change the batteries once in about 3 months. I like it because it can be used either right or left handed and I use it both ways. The only drawback is that I can’t use it on flights, so I have a small corded mouse for that.

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@Seesul That’s a nice mouse. The beauty of it is that it’s bluetooth so you don’t use up any ports. Does it have a noticeable drain on the battery?

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I don’t think so, I use it a great deal and at first I turned it off, but it got to be such a pain re-setting everything up, that now I just leave it on. I believe it went about 3 months on the original batteries. The second set is still going strong. It was very easy to set up and also easy to get it to the settings that I liked. I like the size, it’s sort of between a mini mouse and the larger ones. I think it is very well designed, at least for my hands.

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I’m quite happy with my bluetooth mighty mouse. Though some people enjoy picking on the mighty mouse, I rather enjoy it. Props iwamoto.

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Sorry if I offended anyone. I’m not knocking the mighty mouse. I just don’t like it and I can’t see it being used for gaming.

@Seesul Thanks for the info. Hopefully that’ll help the asker!

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I use a Logitech MX Revolution, and would also recommend the portable version the VX Revolution, for which the dongle can be hidden inside the mouse for transport. Awesome.

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thanks for your answers about getting an external mouse for my Mac. Are you sure that any USB mouse will work? So i can buy a Microsoft mouse and it will work on my MacBook as long as it has a USB connection? Thanks.

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apple mightymouse. works great. through bluetooth. I love it. battery life is a little shotty but I think if you turned it off when you’re not using it (which I don’t do) it would last a lot longer.

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