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Where is the top talent going?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23788points) May 6th, 2022

Like CEO of wherever? Or politics? Or they are under the radar and living life as an average Joe/Jane?

Humor welcome:

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I’m at home now.

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And I’m watching tv with @rebbel right now!

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@janbb I’m watching Bloomberg Tv on Apple tv. Also making chicken wings in the oven.

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Similarly to @rebbel, I’m generally at home, tossing off and playing video games.

I’d save human civilisation, but no one has given me a call.

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Going or staying where I am appreciated, highly engaged, pressing my abilities, listening to my aspirations.

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And I’m watching @rebbel & @janbb watch TV!!! ;}

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They are hiding from the lethality which accompanies celebrity.

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I heard the TOP MEN are in a cavernous government warehouse somewhere.

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