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Laptop screen doesn't light up but I can log on, am I SOL?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) September 17th, 2008 from iPhone

my laptop won’t turn on! Or, rather, the screen won’t. I can load up windows and log on as usual (I can hear the logging on music). Is a laptop screen cheaply fixable or am I totally out of luck?

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Its probably fixable however it will most likely be cheaper to get a new laptop I’d imagine.

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depends on the laptop, solution number 2…hook up an external in the meantime…

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unfortunately I don’t have a monitor, but good news! Dell is sending someone with a new screen and video card to fix it! Because I bought the four year protection plan.

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I had two dell laptops that die from the same cause. The monitor went out but my kids use them with external monitors. They can be fixed but I am too lazy to replace the screen. Let us know what they said and how it went.

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Well, I’ve used this service with them before and it was great. The laptop is getting old, though, so I’m worried it will continue to die. This will be my third repair in two months.

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