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Could Disney re-enter Johnny Deep into the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise if he hypothetically won the defamation trial case against Amber Heard?

Asked by luigirovatti (2581points) 1 week ago

To know more about the case, look here (news articles don’t describe too much of the trials, though they keep up to date):

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If they wanted to they could put him in Star Wars. Disney will do whatever they think will be profitable.

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@Smashley: AFAIK, they don’t intend to put him anywhere close to them.

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What is this question meaning to ask?

Why wouldn’t Disney be able to do that?

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@Zaku: I merely asked if they could. Then I expressed a personal matter in the comments. If the question is too generic, I apologize.

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They certainly could, but it’s not likely. He lost his 2020 case, after all.

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There is a petition (“Justice for Johnny”) circulating with half a million signatures asking Disney to “reinstate” Depp as Jack Sparrow.

But the franchise is dying anyway, and who would want to spend money on a disruptive presence on set?

I am Team #Let Amber Be Heard

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Depp wouldn’t want to play Sparrow again, even if offered a truck load of money.

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It first has to be approved by Ron DeSantis.

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I agree with @rebbel. He wouldn’t go back to them if his life depended on it.

@zenvelo, you must not have seen the video clip where she snorts coke on the stand! Anyone who’s ever snorted has no doubt that that’s what she did.

Justice for Johnny

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I think Disney is too into its reputation to take a chance on Depp, after the trial and allegations of craziness that came out. I’m a Depp fan, but the trial didn’t make either Depp or Heard look good, and I think their reputations are damaged forever. There are too many young and attractive actors and actresses who are looking for work, for a company to take a chance on damaged goods. Maybe in ten years or something, the way that Robert Downey did.

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@jca2 Agree. Sad situation all around.

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He explicitly said he would never, ever play Jack ever again

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So what Disney would/could do is irrelevant. He won’t take on that role ever.

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@luigirovatti I didn’t mean to suggest it was too generic, but I still don’t understand what you meant by “could”. Why might one imagine they couldn’t? Or did you mean would or might they likely choose to? I just didn’t understand what you might mean, because I’m not thinking of any reason why they wouldn’t be able to if they wanted to, which is what your wording seemed to be asking.

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@Zaku: Yeah, you’re right. Feel free to replace “could” with “would”.

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@smudges Amber Heard is not doing a bump there, she is wiping her nose after crying. A normal behavior for someone who is in the middle of discussing the horrible treatment bu her ex.

Johnny Depp was in blackout repeatedly, how can he deny his own behavior when he was not conscious during much of it?

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Well, you’re wrong, but that’s your opinion. She has no tears, her nose isn’t red, doesn’t look like she’s been crying at all, and that’s exactly how one would snort a substance from a kleenex. She’s a real classy lady for taking a dump on his side of the bed and trying to blame it on their tiny dogs.

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