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What tree do these leaf-buds come from?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12394points) 1 week ago

Because this is a stupid Getty image and I can’t seem to reverse it properly.


They get stuck ALL ON MY DOGS.

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They are STICKY. My dog had HUNDREDS of them on him!!!!! HUNDREDS!!!!!!!!!?

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Buckeye and Chestnut trees have sticky buds.

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No it’s not either of those :(

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come back and post a photo of the leaf or the bark please.

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I image-searched and came up with cottonwood.

Harvesting Cottonwood Buds for Medicine – ”...Cottonwood buds are maddeningly sticky and resinous as you will find if you go and start picking them….”

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It tells you in your pictures. Poplar buds.

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Yes it’s cottonwood.

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