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What do you think of the Victims of Communism Day?

Asked by seawulf575 (16854points) May 12th, 2022

Gov. DeSantis of Florida just declared November 7 to be Victims of Communism Day and a bill was just signed to require schools to teach about communism and how people became victims of it. Is this a good thing? Should students learn about the dark side of Communism?

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I think it might traumatize the kids. ~

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The Onion certainly is dead, that’s for sure.

SInce the entire US project is a propaganda exercise designed to sell the evils of communism or anything that corporate interests can label as communism, it would be more useful and educational to have a Victims of Capitalism day.

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Sure, hope they teach about the dark side of the civil rights movement as well.

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Never heard of the day. Seems made up to me.

Now, if there were a “Victims of Religious Fundamentalism Day” I would happily participate.

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@SergeantQueen In Florida, they aren’t even allowed to teach about the bright side of the Civil Rights movement!

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DeSantis is “buying Votes” from the Cuban population. heir families ran from Castro.

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I suspect what’s going to be taught will be more akin to the consequences of authoritarianism than communism.

I don’t think most Americans have a very good grasp of what communism is or how it works. Marx was writing as a critique of capitalism as opposed to advocating for authoritarian, state-run economies. I suspect Marx would not have approved of the Soviet Union, North Korea, People’s Republic of China, etc. and be more in favor of cooperative organizations like Mondragon Corporation as the kind of decentralized, worker-run economic model that ought to be pursued.

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Given the location, the focus will be on Florida and Cuba, not truly “victims of Communism”. Otherwise they will have to find textbooks from the 1960s.

I remember having to watch movies on the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution with backyard blast furnaces.

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Politicians setting the agenda for what is taught in schools is, ironically, a feature of Communist and totalitarian regimes.

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It seems hypocritical to teach the “dark side” of communism but be unwilling to teach the “dark side” of American history. So is the problem that no “dark sides” should be taught at all or only “dark sides” that align with one’s political agenda? Maybe there should just be Dark Side Day where we learn about all the bad things everyone has done, to be fair. ;)

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I am all for it provided that they also teach about the victims of authoritarianism and the treatment of slaves and Native Americans in the U.S.

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Well, that is all going to be banned from being taught, because it is “woke” and “critical race theory”, and could make all the white kids feel bad about themselves.

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It’s Florida. I expect weird beliefs there. It is becoming more and more out of touch with the rest of the US.

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I think it’s a moronic political stunt. But teaching about the history of specific regimes makes sense. People who suffered and died under various regimes deserve their history to be described accurately and not part of a misleading GOP lens.

I’m down for “Victims of Capitalism Day” and “Victims of Religious Fundamentalism Day” though.

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And Victims of political nincompoops day? The schools in particular should seize upon the blowhard as the primary instruction in lessons on the downside of capitalism and the suffering for which he personally generates.

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I understand the idea that DeSantis is pulling a political stunt. But just a point of clarification: This was a Florida House bill. DeSantis did not write it, nor vote on it. It was presented to him and he signed it. So more than DeSantis is involved with this decision.

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Yeah, unfortunately, such things aren’t just the result of individual atrocious politicians, but whole groups of them, and they’re doing it because they know there’s an audience for such things. That there’s a receptive audience is the greater problem.

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Funny considering DeSantis is going for an autocracy. I guess this is to give him cover. He just lost his fight to gerrymander a district in Florida that is majority black. The judge tossed it saying that the plans would erase the black vote in the district. It would’ve given Republicans a few more seats. If DeSantis is behind anything you know it’s not good for our Nation.

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I just figured it’s because he’s a facist. Facists hate communists and love propaganda. Am I missing something?

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It really cracks me up that people in places where monuments to slavery are revered as sacred, have the temerity to lecture their kids on persecution elsewhere. Just how many Native American or Black Florida legislators do you think helped pen this piece of crap? You can only get away with shit like this at this stage in our history if your perception is restricted to a lily white insulated bubble.

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@HP “Just how many Native American or Black Florida legislators do you think helped pen this piece of crap? ” All of them. It was a unanimous vote in the Florida House and the Senate. That was in the link I provided.

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And how many Native American & Black Florida legislators might you suppose there are? And voting for this thing is not quite the same as inventing it.

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@HP, just a side question: do you know how to do an internet search? You ask a lot of challenging questions but don’t really ever provide research. I did a search for the FL House and saw pictures of all of the representatives. There were quite a few blacks and hispanics. Not sure how many Native Americans were there, but another search easily showed the population of FL to be only 0.5% NA. So there may be none. But then if you did the search you could have come up with your own information.

And voting for something is pretty close to “inventing” or writing the bill. A unanimous vote says that they absolutely agree with the bill.

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Touche’ (look it up)

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@HP, I don’t need to look it up. I already know what it means.

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Sounds like fear-mongering and pandering to Cuban voter base.

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@raum It is the Cuban voters that are pushing it. Especially those that came from Cuba (as opposed to second or third generation Cuban Americans). They are the ones that people to understand the evils and the dangers. There are several Cuban Americans in the FL legislature. And the vote was unanimous.

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