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Would it be a good idea to keep a small wooden filing cabinet on a furniture dolly?

Asked by jca2 (13285points) 6 days ago

I have a wooden, two-drawer filing cabinet that’s not filled with files, it’s like a storage box for my stuff. I am just re-doing my living room and that’s where the filing cabinet is. I’m thinking about getting a furniture dolly and keeping the filing cabinet on the dolly, in case I need to move it around. Do you think it’s a good idea?

My idea would be something along the lines of this:–47cb-b42f-734cb0cacc1f&pf_rd_r=XZMW0PFZTNY29QACZPWC&pd_rd_r=99077a2c-7406–436d-95e0–988fbd0d8450&pd_rd_wg=pl3y1&ref=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mi

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Sure. Why not?

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Yes! Really good idea!

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My brain is coming up with all sorts of heavy things I could use one of those for!

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