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Is there a food that you keep in the house for times when you don't want to cook but need something like a light meal?

Asked by jca2 (13290points) 6 days ago

Sometimes I keep cheese and crackers, and it suffices as a snack or a light meal, combined with some fruit or something. The other day I made a pasta salad with hard boiled eggs, tuna and light mayo.

Just looking for ideas for evenings when I don’t feel like cooking but need a meal. I have a teenager in the house but I’ll do something else for her, as she tends to be fussy.

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A stockpile if these.

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For a light meal, you can’t go wrong with cereal. I like the granola and nut ones they have at Trader Joe’s.

Speaking of TJ’s, they have a good selection of frozen items that cook up quickly, are relatively healthy, and yummy.

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Canned soup, cheese and crackers, tuna salad for a tuna melt. Just toast sometimes if I had a big lunch somewhere.

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I keep canned soup, canned chili, and a couple of “pho” kits in my cupboard.

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Always have cheese and salami in refrigerator.

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Quite a few items from the frozen isle at Trader Joes

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@zenvelo What is a “pho” kit?

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I’m into yoghurt with almonds and agave syrup recently. I also like to make smoothies ahead of time. Sometimes I poach an egg in the microwave and eat that with toast and some shredded cheese. Maybe with a raw carrot. And if I really just need a tiny snack, I eat some cookies with a glass of milk.

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@chyna It is a dehydrated mix of noodles and spices with a small can of chicken peices. You heat water, add the kit, and bring to a boil. You can add fresh bok choy or other vegetables to it.

It’s like a sophisticated version of ramen.

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@zenvelo As long as it’s not a “faux” kit!

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@jca2 Peanut butter. And yogurt.

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Yes. Ramen. Pasta & sauce. Peanut butter & jelly & bread. Eggs and cheese (for an omelet). Bread and butter. Cans of soup. Yogurt/skyr. Cottage cheese & a can of pears. Other fruit. Cereal. Oats. Frozen food. Hummus and chips. Carrots.

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Hummus and triscuits, tuna and crackers, fish sticks if its not too hot. With the humidity here the cooler the better, so cereal and lunch meat are nice, light and easy. I keep salad and cottage cheese all summer, too.

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Canned tuna and canned chicken. I really like the dark meat kind but it’s only sold in WalMart.

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Frozen pot pies.

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A couple of boxes of Matzoh! A shmear of cream cheese, peanut butter, margarine, or olive oil and you’ve got yourself a sort of meal! You can even eat it with tuna or an egg.

And Matzoh Brei is delicious – but it’s not quick

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I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a box of Hormel’s Gatherings snack tray in the house. It’s basically crackers, cut up cheddar and pepperoni and makes a tasty lunch or light supper.

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A tin of oysters to eat with saltines.

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I just ate some sliced salami and provolone on almond-flour, rosemary crackers. Washed it down with a couple teaspoons of peanut butter.

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When my wife and I don’t want to fuss with a normal dinner, we simply have oatmeal.
That happens at least once a month.

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You mean like cocaine?


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A bunch of frozen dinners for a late night snack.

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Grilled cheese and canned tomato soup is pretty easy.

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I have four of these quick dinners which are very filling and heats up in the microwave .
( different flavors)

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