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Which sites are the best websites ever? (Dont say Fluther, thats obvious)

Asked by greiss1221 (18points) September 17th, 2008

Trying to find some cool sites

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even though it’s not the site, but the plugin… but it’ll help you find amaing sites :)

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@shrubbery: That’s just blatant. I really like Twistori for just watching people yammering on Twitter, its like a giant newsfeed of life!

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Hehe. I left the smiley face for you, Blue. But I mean, it’s my homepage, I use it, I think it’s one of the best…

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I can’t mention them here, unfortunately.

All of them are pornographic.

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@JackAdams: Don’t use Google Chome then!

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Blue: I likes!

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@Blue that would most certainly be a problem for me as well.

sites i like a lot

Reef Central
Salt Water Fish

ah what can i say, im a fish nerd.

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tokyo plastic <- best damn site ever. check the website first then look at their work. so badass.
cambrian house
vinyl abuse

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Zazz and Catch of the day Both Australian only, but pretty awesome concepts

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First Showing is a great movie site.
Cork’d is an excellent wine info site.
Verbotomy aims to continue what Douglas Adams began with ‘The Meaning of Liff’ (sorta).
Extra Tasty is a drink mixing website.
Adobe Kuler is a color palette choosing and sharing website which even Joseph is jealous of.

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Ok… Whoever suggested twistori I hate… I… Can’t… Stop… Watching. Oh and We feel fine Is friggin’ amazing as well! Makes you wanna try to be a part of that collective.

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Any sucsessful page using php over aspx

ckinyc's avatar < For things that you can dream of < For things that you haven’t

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This question is much too broad. Mention what you think would make a great website in your opinion.

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from my point of view it’s
because i spent much time on them.

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