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How banged up is your cell phone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20523points) 1 month ago

Just wondering.

Mine has three big cracks and a whole bunch of little ones. I’m still making payments on it for $5/month so it’s good enough for now.

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Zero bangs or cracks two years three months old; in Otter Box case.

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It’s not.

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I have it in a cheap 6€ leather wallet case. Not a scratch on it.

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I have had mine since 2018, no cracks, no scratches, no dents.

I take care of things that cost a lot of money.

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In the 9 years, 4 months that I’ve had it, I think I might have dropped it once.

The battery compartment cover no longer fits securely, so I have to occasionally tape it to the chassis.

Otherwise there is no apparent exterior damage.

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My current phone is almost pristine. But at $5/month I could tolerate some cracks.

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Not at all.

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Mine is about a year old, and in an Otter Box. The Otter Box is really solid, hard plastic and has rubber on the part that touches the glass. It’s in great shape.

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Mine is only a few months old, and the screen has a spider web of cracks. One corner is crushed. It won’t work with the back on.

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Still new condition.

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Not at all. I got it 2½ years ago and put it in a case like this, and it’s been well and truly protected. Also I make an effort to take care of it. Don’t feel like buying another one anytime soon.

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It’s not. I don’t use a case either. I like to live dangerously.

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It isn’t. I don’t tear up things.

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I got mine two and a half years ago and it is in very good condition. I use screen protectors to prevent scratches.

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Mine’s 6 years old and in perfect condition. It has a case and I take care of it. Only dropped it once.

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@zenveloI take care of things that cost a lot of money.” Right???

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Humans have accidents.

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Boy, you guys are dull. My phone isn’t dinged, but I hardly ever use it. Other stuff in my life though (including me) is battered and dinged and scratched and dented. I am busy living my life, not worrying about keeping stuff in pristine condition.

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Mine is cracked and chipped and dented and rough around the edges like me. As long as it’s not gouging out chunks of my face when I use it, I’m fine with it.

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@chyna, and that’s why we’re friends. Some may call us the Mean Girls, but really, we’re the Fun Girls!

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I remember James Cameron gave me a face-hugger cell phone, when I dissed “Aliens”. That thing is plenty dented! ;-0

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I have mine in a wallet case. I’ve dropped it a couple of times but no damage.

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My phone isn’t banged up, it looks new, but several years ago I had a phone with a bad crack on the front glass for two years.

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No case on my iPhone 13. No payments. No scratches. No damage.

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My last phone was a few years old and doing great till I dropped it in the toilet. It lasted a few weeks after that but then started doing weird things and then stopped working. It taught me a lesson – don’t bring the phone near the toilet.

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Not even one single itty-bitty scratch!

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It was in perfect condition until my 8 week old Cane Corso puppy tried to chew on it. It’s funny because I’ve had the phone for almost 2 years and I’ve dropped it several hundred times at least without ever cracking the screen, but just 1 good bite from a puppy and she managed to crack the glass.

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My iPhone 7 has no scratches – been in a case and has a tempered glass screen protector the whole time. Battery is getting worn out though.

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@cheebdragon But she’s adorabalicious so it’s ok, right?

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In my early days of cell phone ownership I would drop my phone continuously. I must have developed some kind of “cell phone awareness” since then since I’m keenly aware of where my cell is and how I’m handling it at all times. I think viewing my cell phone purchase as a minor investment has something to do with me learning how to protect it. It also eliminates the added expense of purchasing screen protectors and protective phone cases. Cell phone looks as good as the day I bought it

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