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Did you see the lunar eclipse this evening?

Asked by Jeruba (52936points) 1 month ago

I’ve always enjoyed seeing lunar eclipses and was looking forward to this one.

However, where I am, it was barely dark at the time of totality, and I went outside and couldn’t find the moon anywhere, not even in the sky. Too many trees and too much light. Finally got in my car and drove around until I spotted it, but it was faint. Too bad.

Did you get a good sight of it?

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It was faint on the Walnut Creek area too, a little bit too much high clouds. I got a good picture though.

My girlfriend got a great picture down in Long Beach, about a half hour before totatility

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Gorgeous! Yes, we sat outside for a bit.

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I did! Beautiful!

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No, I’m closer to the east coast. My avatar is a picture I took of the last one though.

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Saw the partial eclipse but was underwhelmed from where I was.

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I went outside around 11 pm, Eastern time, and it had just been raining and it was very cloudy. The sky looked like tie dye, was dark but with a glow.

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We sat outside and had an amazing view. Really spectacular viewing.

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Yes! it fantastic over here. We had clear skies until totality and then clouds started to roll in.
The weather was perfect: no wind, about 55–60F – and no bugs!

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Nope. Totally overcast with a big thunderstorm!

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I didn’t see it last night, I wish I had, but I just saw the huge incredible moon tonight in central Florida at 9:30pm EDT. It’s so low I feel like I could touch. It’s incredible! Go look.

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