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What does everyone think about the transgendered model on America's Next Top Model?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 17th, 2008

Do you think she can win? Personally, I’ve no problem. I feel for those born in the wrong body and think it’s cool she has the guts to come out and try to reach her dreams.

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I think she’s awesome for doing this and I wish her all the luck in the world.

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link to a picture and article:

It doesn’t matter what she is. Reach for the stars baby.

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More power to her!

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I think it’s awesome she has the balls to do it..(unintentional har har). But seriously, I think it’s awesome.

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She has, just a good of a chance to win as any of the others…she is talented and beautiful, actually I hope she does win. I like her bravery…even if she doesn’t win, I can see her getting alot of modeling work from the exposure, and I think she will go a long way in the modeling industry. I for one, would cast my vote for her.

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I think it’s really amazing. Go Isis!

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I think it’s only ok in the Rocky Horror Picture Show (watched it for the first time like a month ago and loved it lol.)

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Why do you folks keep referring to Isis as “she?”

If a person still has a penis (and Isis does, according to the article), then the correct pronoun is “he,” isn’t it?

I mean, the gender male is probably on his driver’s license, right?

No disrespect or ridicule is intended; I’m asking only out of curiosity.

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I’ll call you whatever gender you would be preferred to be called. It doesn’t hurt me morally or emotionally to do so. I could give a rats ass what gender you are so it’s no skin off my back to politely refer to you as the sex of your choice.

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I agree w/ BH. It’s also a sign of respect. You respect the other person and respect their decision. It’s very hurtful for a transgendered person to be called ‘he’, when in her heart and mind she’s a ‘she’. Doesn’t matter what the plumbing is.

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My apologies for not making myself more clear, in my original post.

I would refer to Isis as a female, if I was addressing him in person, of course, because I wouldn’t wish to appear to be insulting or disrespectful to anyone. And, I do have a couple of friends who are transgendered, and both are in the process of being surgically altered to become “fully female.”

I was referring to speaking about Isis, rather than speaking to him.

My public apologies for my apparent obfuscation.

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No offense taken, Jack! I guess I’m just used to referring to them as ‘she’. Seeing Isis, I see a female and think of her in those terms regardless.

It’s nice to see all these responses and to see ppl are finally accepting others who are different.

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Just to chime in, I think it’s respectful to refer to the transperson in whatever terms they most identify with, regardless of whether you’re face-to-face or not. I have a great deal of empathy for the trans community.. It was hard enough dealing with being gay, and with being genderqueer.. I can’t imagine how painful and difficult it is to feel you’re in the wrong body and to face potential ridicule and such because of it. Transpeople have to work extra hard to be themselves, and I feel like I should do whatever I can to make it easier for them while respecting their struggle.

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I am with AlenaD’s wise answer.

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AlenaD, I do the same thing. If you call them one thing to their face and another thing to their back, you’re two-faced. I try not to do this with anyone if it can be helped. Transgenders are no different from us when stripped down to their core motivations and philosophies. We’re all just people trying to survive in this crazy world that we don’t understand.

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Isis’s SEX is male but her GENDER is female.

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@Jack—If you call her by the correct pronouns to her face but not behind her back, it kind of negates the respect you were trying to show. It’s not deliberately malicious, which is definitely a start since that’s more than a lot of people offer, but it’s still not accepting her for who she is. She is a woman, she was just born with the wrong parts. It’s kind of like if someone was born with webbed toes and you acted like it was no big deal to you when they were around but then when they weren’t you always referred to them as a duck instead of a human.

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I’ll explain the apparent contradiction:

I have a background in law enforcement, and when you are addressing a transgendered person, the rules of “simple politeness” dictate that you address the person as s/he prefers to be addressed, regardless of plumbing.

But, on official police reports and on court documents (where you cannot lie because you are making under oath depositions) you are required by law to author your commentaries with the proper gender designation.

That means that a commentary might read, “Shirley Kramer said that HE was walking down the street when HIS purse was stolen…”

The person’s name may in fact be “Shirley,” but if the plumbing is MALE the proper pronouns are mandated by the court, or you are accused of submitting an official crime report that is a lie.

Cases have been dismissed, because of such “technicalities.”

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If a police officer asked me which way ‘he/she’ ran, I wouldn’t bother with semantics.

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As a transgender person, I’m going to bite my tongue about law enforcement.

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True story: There was a TG who was pulled over by the Lakewood Police Dept. in 1975.

S/he was suspected of driving drunk, and placed under arrest.

A female officer was summoned to the scene, and she searched the TG from the waist up, and a male officer searched the TG from the waist down, and that is not a joke. I witnessed it.

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Arggh…i believe it. This world has a long way to go on many things regarding acceptance of those that are different than us. I’m just glad shows like ANTM, Project Runway etc
show gay/trans or whatever people AS PEOPLE, just like you and me.

I remember my mother spraying our toilet seat with Lysol whenever my gay friends would come over. That was in the beginning of the Aids crisis. Things have come a long way since then, but there’s so much more to go.

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I just hope that, “we” never become “tolerant” nor “accepting” of people who sexually abuse children, or of those who fly jetliners into buildings.

I prefer not to “forgive them and move on,” as The Holy Bible teaches…

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I hope we never become “tolerant” or “accepting” of any religious entity that abuses children (I’m looking at you Christian priests) or bombs a building taking innocent lives such as the Oklahoma city bomber, self professed Christian Timothy McVay.

There’s a difference in tolerance and not condoning behavior that hurts others.

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Timothy McVeigh

but yea you get my point.

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I ddon’t consider sexual abusers normal people. I consider gay/trans etc normal ppl.

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I still like my answer lol

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Rocky Horror has transvestites. Isis is transgender. Big difference.

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