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Is It ok to be full of oneself?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23821points) May 19th, 2022

Just wondering what that means, and if I am? Do you have an example of someone who is? Are or where you?

Also what is the opposite of being full of oneself? What is a healthy balance between being “full of oneself”, and being “empty of oneself”?

Humorous and helpful answers welcome:

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I’m full.

But it feels like something more…

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To me it means being cocky, arrogant, and conceited, which is one of your tags. Humble would be the opposite, like your humility tag. question in header and questions in details are pretty different. no I don’t think it’s ok to be full of oneself. Although it’s adorable when babies and animals are full of themselves.

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Trump is an example of someone who is full of himself, which is odd because he is such an ignoramus.

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This means to mean “Self Promoting” , which at times we all have done sometime in our own lives.
In some careers/voactions require one to “toot their own horn” in order to get the “PART”
( acting.writers and so on).
A certain amount if overdone comes across as “Full of Themselves”, at times.

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Not if you want any friends.

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I’m pretty content with myself.
Not full, not empty.
Just the perfect amount.

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