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What's the reason you use the browser you use?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) September 17th, 2008

For example, I use Firefox (currently testing Chrome, but I usually use Firefox) because of the add-ons, and the speed. It’s pretty amazing.

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Speed, reliability, default browser and its freakin good (Safari by the way) Although I occasionally use firefox for some pages not supported by safari

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I did use safari, but I just can’t resist the add-ons on Firefox, I just LOVE them.

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…because I like to say FireFOX!

…Seriously, I like the set-up of it; it is user friendly, without being overly “done-up”. I go on some of my friends’ computers with IE, and I don’t even know how to work it anymore. Where’s the “Home” key? How can I get extra tabs? It drives me crazy.

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AdBlock Plus on Firefox is the sticker that keeps me from trying anything else. It’s amazing how different the web looks without ads!

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Firefox and its add-ons can’t be beat.

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I usually use Firefox because of reliability add add-ons but my favorite one to use is Chrome just because it’s so simple but still has great features. Chrome just needs more reliability and a little more developement time to work everything out until it becomes my defult browser. On that note Safari is pretty simple and fast but I can’t chose it over the others. IE is basic and it doesn’t really beat anything but people still use it. And finally there’s Opera which is just a little worse than Firefox but has a lot of great standard features.

Just my take.

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intro, i agree on the nice simplicity of Chrome. But it’s been freezing a lot since I downloaded it, and I know it’s not my comp, because Safari and Firefox run fine on my computer. I’m excited to see what it’s like when it’s out of beta.

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because safari with the newest webkit rendrers webpages most accurately.

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Another thing is that Firefox and Chrome seem to have trouble with Flash when I have a lot (10+) of tabs open. Really annoying if you ever experience it.

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@intro I usually don’t pass 5 or 6 tabs :P

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1. Because I hate Microsoft.

2. Because it works well except with Microsoft stuff, which is, of course, their fault.

3. Because I like the way it is developed.

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Cause that’s what my computer came with and so far it’s worked for me. Why bother changing if it still works? (internet explorer…that’s a browser right?)

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Chrome for normal browsing—fast and light.
Firefox for development.
IE for testing.

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wenbert, yeah, Firefox has some great development tools and add-ons.

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I use Firefox because a guy I was somewhat involved in was fixing my computer and he put it on for me. Now, I absolutely love it and would not go back to internet explorer. Every once in a while, I have to because Firefox is acting up and I hate it!

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Safari is the best thing out there for macs! it’s fast, stable and renders everything correctly. I’d even say it’s better than firefox.

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Safari – initially out of curiosity and laziness, but I’ve tried others and just don’t like them as much!

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On my PC I use firefox because it’s got all my plugins and whatnot and I use opera as my secondary browser. I’ve got chrome, but it doesn’t do much for me right now. Maybe once plugins are more fleshed out I’ll give it another go.

On my Macbook Pro I use firefox for my main browsing and use Safari (ala Fluid) for my site specific browsing. I’d say I use both of them equally.

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Firefox: it was easy to set up, easy to adapt to from IE, had tabs before IE, and now that I’m used to it I find it difficult to change. I LOVED Chrome and would be on it, but it can’t support a number of pages that Firefox is good with and apparently had a pretty bad security issue at first. Firefox is pretty safe.

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@artificialard – it’s amazing how different the web looks with ads! I browse with AdBlock so often that I’m always flabbergasted with all the ads when I’m in a browser that doesn’t have it.

…so I’m using Firefox, mainly because Mozilla is one of the most innovative companies I known, and I also very much agree with the company because of its ideology, making as much profit as possible not being its goal. It means I get to use very exciting features in my browser, and the exciting new developments they’re making (check out the Mozilla Labs’ blog and in particular Aza Raskin’s ideas) which might end up here.

Extensions (in combination with an open source community) are excellent, and I love their new focus on performance.

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I use Chrome now, it’s completely reliable (for me), lightweight, quick, easy to get up and browsing my daily sites within seconds and just generally neat. Sure it may still be in beta and have the odd problems, but what’s a computer program without a bug? For some strange reason as well…I can browse using Chrome when it’s not maximised. With the other browsers I used to use daily (Firefox and IE) I always had to maximise the Window, therefore hampering what else I could see, but now I use Chrome smoothly in restored mode, but I’ve no idea why. It’s strange, and a personal difference, but it’s one factor I like :)

I use Firefox for chatting on dAmn (deviantART’s messaging network) since I use a few extensions, plus dAmn is best supported by Firefox.

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I’m a Safari nut. I love the simplicity behind the interface. If I need to do hardcore teeth-gritting browsing, I use Opera. Opera did tabs first, and does them the best! The mouse gestures are also a plus!

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I use Safari because it’s the default on Macs, and Firefox isn’t enough better to make it worth the hassle of changing.

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@Vincentt Much agreement. If for some reason I’m using a public computer I’ll go to my favorite sites and think that I typed the URL wrong. Crazy.

More than that I like how Firefox has the potential for doing new things through plugins, I like being able to extend my browser that way especially since more and more of my computing happens on the web.

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@blastfamy – out of interest: how does Opera do tabs better? (i.e. what’s better about it?)

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I use firefox because of the addons too, mainly Stumbleupon and Foxmarks. I like Chrome for the applications, but I could do the same thing with Prism, just too lazy. XD Can’t wait till chrome gets addons and I can stumble with maximum screen space.

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Btw, to all (ex-)Firefox users that like Chrome’s minimal use of screen real estate, have you tried removing the bookmarks toolbar? You can also use themes to use smaller icons so the main toolbar uses up less space. And of course you can hide the status bar as well. It’s excellent :)

I can’t wait until Firefox 3.1 and above brings the new Javascript engine that’s supposed to be even faster than Chrome’s V8 ^.^

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But then it’s too contradictory, FF has all those nice addons (think delicious and stumble upon) giving me those wonderful toolbars, but then I need to remove them to get space. I just like Chrome, it feels airy and spacey, I’m not moving back, I like it :)

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I would have to say.. umm both I guess. I really can’t decide. I like Firefox is because of the add-ons but then again I don’t really need them. I guess I would prefer Safari because of the speed and its a bit more organized with bookmarks, RSS and history and is just gorgeous (what isn’t on a Mac?). Sometimes Firefox doesn’t show websites properly or handle transparency very well. I just keep both incase but I use Safari more.

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I don’t get how it’s more organized with bookmarks. They are both just displayed underneath the address bar.

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Webkit and Fire fox in my dock and my favorites. WebKit all the way!

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MrMontpetit click on the little book icon

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I use safari on the mac because of it’s speed, and firefox on PC because of the add-ons.

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Opera has a tabs panel that acts as a one-stop shop to all reorganizing of tabs. Furthermore, the use of each tab acts as a session. These sessions are saved between runtimes of Opera, so that when you re-launch (or after any sort of crash), you can start exactly where you left off. The “sessions” even save back/foward data, so that you truly have a seamless use between vists

sorry for the late response, I was busy; hence off Fluther

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blasfamy, the session save thingy is also possible in Firefox. The tab panel probably not without an extension, though… And you canĀ“t drag tabs from one window to another as easily, I believe.

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In the newer versions of Opera, tabs are just as drag-able (albeit without the pretty animations that Safari has).

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Yeah I meant in Firefox, I thought they already were in Opera ;-)

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Safari handles webpages allot better. Allot of webpages show improperly on Firefox. Also animation on Firefox isn’t very good and is usually choppy. Safari also has a great bookmark and RSS feature with a great layout. Firefox is great but I prefer Safari although I think it is the best browser for PCs.

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@PIXEL – that must be either a bug on your side or you’re visiting a lot of websites where the only visitors are WebKit-users. Otherwise, any sane webdesigner will test their websites in Firefox, considering its ~20% (i.e. one in five visitors) marketshare.

As for bookmarking, I’m absolutely sold by’s extension, which is a godsend (though I’ve heard Firefox’s native bookmarking system is quite good as well, and I’m definitely going to try Weave once it’s stable).

Isn’t allot with a space and single l, like “a lot”?

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@Vincentt’s last comment

Yes it is, but does it matter?

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Not really, that’s why I whispered. And I wanted to know for sure, as I’m not a native speaker. I’d have sworn information could not be plural (i.e. informations) but when I asked my previous English teacher she was in doubt, so you never know ;-)

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I use Chrome because it has a well-designed UI and it’s fast.

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Spread Firefox – to cut down on the cookies, pop-ups, etc.

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