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How do you eat Nutty Bars?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) May 20th, 2022

The right way: layer by layer


The wrong way: one big bite, all layers at a time.

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Since it is a bar there is implication that it is a long narrow hand held piece of food. I note from one end.

One cannot really eat a bar in layers; one must bite through layers. Trying to eat by later would be like eating banana sideways.

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Looks like a Neapolitaner ripoff. You eat it whole, of course.
Only insane people would disassemble it to eat the singular components.
Just like only insane people would cut off the crust of bread.
Or people who disassemble an Oreo (which is itself an inferior Prinzenrolle ripoff) to eat the filling first.

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You carefully open the wrapper, place the contents in the compost pile and the wrapper in the recycle bin.

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Just because it’s wrong for you, it does NOT mean that it’s wrong for me!!! I don’t take big bites, but small bites ALL the way through ALL the layers. I don’t have the patience to work through it layer by layer..I want to eat that sucker!!!

Actually, @Blackwater_Park has the BEST idea!!!

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I have dogs so layer by layer so they can have a pb bite.

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I don’t eat nutty bars, but I do eat Payday candy bars. I ¹/² at a time tho.
I nibble the peanuts off to expose the sweet caramel section, which I eat top down.
I eat a lot of foods in particular ways.

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I presume you are talking about Little Debbie Nutty Bars. A box of 12 for $1.89.
I live on the wild side and mix it up. Most of the time I crunch top down so I get all the layers. But sometimes, I risk near certain death and bite in the sideways direction so the bar delaminates and splits into layers of goodness. I do this in private, of course.

I have mentioned here before that we had a family friend who served time in prison. It was a minimum security prison but still, it was prison. We would send him a CARE package every month or so and it would include a few boxes of Nutty Bars. He told us afterward how important those packages were and how they helped him get through his sentence. He shared some of his bounty with less fortunate fellow prisoners who did not have family waiting for him on the other side.
Those stupid little cakes were way more important than we realized. They helped keep him sane.

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I freeze Milky Way bars and take them apart.

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I used to buy them by the box when the kids were little. We kept them in the refrigerator so we could break off a bite at a time without a chocolatey mess. I haven’t had one, myself, in years.

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Now I want one. (or 2). I’ll pick up a box tomorrow and will let you know the cost. I’m guessing they are no longer $1.89.

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Target sells the 12 pack for $2.59 & the 24 pack for $4.49. Not as bad as I was thinking!!!

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I just checked at the local Tops store (not the one in Buffalo). They are $2.59 for 12. Still a bargain.

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Since this post, I just keep seeing articles about the Nutty Bar!!! Now, IF anyone is interested, here is a recipe so you can make them at home. I found this recipe around 7:00 this morning, so I don’t know how good it is as I’ve NOT tested it…yet!!!.

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