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Are they pitching a fit because this modest undergarment is labled as some sort of "bra"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45361points) 1 month ago



They encourage them to be half naked in swimming and volleyball but they’re throwing a fit over sports bras? Look at them. They’re simply an undergarment. Not a revealing one at that.

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Link doesn’t open – but I know what you mean.

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Try the 2nd link I just added JLoon

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@Dutchess_III – Still not working for android, but no worries.

You’re right about all the uniform hassles for female athletes. It went public at the Olympics this year & won’t go away – until sports organizations let women start choosing the gear they wear.

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I agree it’s wrong, but it also doesn’t help when we know there are so many pedo dads at these events.
There’s recorded audio of guys thinking they’re “safe” around other guys and letting their pedo comments slip out in the bleachers when people aren’t around.
I guarantee there’s dudes sneaking cameras and taking pics as well.

It’s a double edged sword I guess: give pedophiles a better view of your children, or make things equal for women.

Since we know there’s no real ramifications for pedophiles until after they’ve already done something terrible, the staff are trying, whether it helps or not….to curtail those evil desires in those suburbanites lol.

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Neither works in Windows either.

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The article opened for me, but the “This” opens as a Woff2 File for me to save it to my computer.

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Sorry guys.

@Blackberry but there isn’t even anything sexual about them! I know….believe me I know….pedoDads and PedoCoaches are a problem. Men are the problem.

Google “New York girls track team members suspended after sports bra protest.”

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This is all leftover puritan christian shame. It’s gonna be hard to program that outta people. Especially in upstate NY of all places.

Can’t expect society as a whole to just say “Everyone’s free so ladies where what you want!”

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S*&t…“Article” opened for me and downloaded itself. I immediately deleted, but the damage may be done. I looked up Woff2 and it says it’s a font. Hope that’s all!

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“Men are the problem” Oh for fuck sake, have you seen all the “Karens” bitching and gossiping about all the “young girls dressing “slutty” in church or at their jobs?” This is in no way confined to men. It’s just pearl clutching. Even the article said it was a woman who objected to them wearing sports bras.

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Bad call by the coach, and unfortunate for her future career if any.

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@Dutchess_III Yeah the second link you posted opened to a download, which I didn’t open but I hope it’s nothing that’s going to fuck up my computer.

Here’s the article:

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It’s really ridiculous. Girls have bodies – get over it.

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Doesn’t show nipple, so ought to be fine. Isn’t that the TV criteria?

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^^ Not since the right has come into power…Cleavage is a NO NO!!!

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