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Are there any celebrities, alive or dead, that you don't like, even though they are adored by many?

Asked by jca2 (13494points) 1 month ago

Are there any celebrities, alive or dead, that you don’t like, even though they are or were very popular and adored by many?

For me, two that come to mind are Robin Williams and Tom Hanks. Robin Williams annoyed me because even when he was being interviewed, he always did his “Robin Williams” thing, with the voices and the silliness. I would have appreciated it if he just let it down for a bit. People loved him and I just found him annoying.

Tom Hanks seems pretentious to me, very full of himself. Of course, this is just my impression but that’s how I feel. I’m sure a lot of celebrities are full of themselves, but to me, he acts like he is.

I would add to this the Kardashians but I really don’t pay attention to them, and don’t know one from the other. I’m indifferent to them so I can’t say that I don’t like them.

How about you? Anybody who annoys you even though they’re so popular?

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Purely on an artistic level, for me it’s Frank Sinatra. I grew up liking his music but over the years his crooning style has grown to irritate me. His personality in his music seems extremely artificial. Whenever a coffee shop plays his Christmas music, I immediately want to leave lol

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Jerry Lewis. Always made me shudder.

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I can’t stand Jennifer Lawrence, I don’t know why, but when she opens her mouth it just grates on me.

As far as musicians, I never liked the Beatles. I know they were influential, wrote great songs, combined genres etc. etc. I just find what they do to be hollow and boring even though the structure of awesome is there.

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What are your thoughts on the song “She’s Leaving Home”?

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Madonna has always been one person that I couldn’t stand!!! I can’t even put my finger on why I don’t like her, but she makes me want to puke!!!

I loved looking at the young Mel Gibson & I loved his movies!!! Still, I HATED seeing him being interviewed on a talk show because that scrumptious persona always flew out the window. He always came off as a creep & over the years, it appears that he was!!!

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Mel Gibson because of his antisemitism and just general assholeishness.

William Hurt because he always seemed arrogant to me, both in life and in roles.

Phyllis Diller, because .. she was awful.

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Jim Carrey. I don’t like his comedy, hard for me to look at him. He might be a nice guy, so I am not saying I don’t like him as a person, I have no idea about him as a person.

I’ll second Frank Sinatra, I was never a fan of his music.

I never understood the swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney. I don’t dislike them, but DiCaprio always appeared small to me and very young, but from what I understand he is not short. I think he was not always cast well when he was younger. Clooney was fine, but I never thought he was drop dead gorgeous like so many seem to say. I like both of their movies, so it is not like what I said about Jim Carrey.

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@JLeslie: I agree with you about Jim Carey. Something about his facial expressions and body language is annoying.

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I can’t stand anything about Dabny Colemen ,I think his acting is just plain awful.

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Christian Bale, after seeing him sing and dance in Newsies when I was a teenager, I’ve never been able to take him seriously as an actor in any other role. I hated him as Batman and I think American Psycho was extremely overrated.

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Rock Hudson.

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@rockfan It’s like all Beatles songs to me, something is just missing.

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Guns and Roses, Spike Lee, Ron Howard, and AC/DC.

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I don’t like or dislike celebrities. I just couldn’t care less about their lives. I have opinions about their work and that’s it.

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There have been many that I dislike, but I mainly tend to successfully avoid them, rather than focusing hatred on them.
But whoever sings “Mambo Number 5”, makes me want him to die or at least lose his voice whenever I overhear that song. That may also be my answer to that other recent question about least favorite music genre: annoying misogynist egomaniac pop earbugs.

I never thought Jerry Lewis was funny. He just seemed terribly annoying.

Donald Trump always made my skin crawl, even when I first saw him about 35 years ago.

Others I just generally don’t like include the majority of Country and Rap singers/songwriters, almost all Entertainment Tonight style hosts (e.g. Mary Hart, John Tesh), Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, actors who either aren’t very good or are very mis-cast.

Oh, and there’s also the entire category of people who seem (often just by their stage names, which also seems to apply to almost all rappers, but isn’t what I mean) to be “WTF is this a celebrity?” which I try to ignore and avoid knowledge about as hard as i can, e.g. Kanye West, The Situation, Snooki, all Kardashians, all Hiltons, and most “influencers”. Though, since I try to hard to avoid knowledge, I may be ignorant in many ways about many people in this group. (e.g. I finally saw “Usher” on TV a year or so ago, and didn’t dislike him as a person (in fact he seems quite nice), but I’m still avoiding knowing what any of his songs are, as my naming prejudice just makes me refuse to learn more).

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I second Elvis.

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Bella Thorne, I don’t know why, but I just never liked her as a person.

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Mambo Number 5

I don’t hate any of those I mentioned. I like a lot of Madonna’s music…I just don’t like her!!!
I loved most of the young Mel Gibson movies & I adored the characters that he played…I just didn’t care for the REAL Mel Gibson. As he’s aged, I think that although he wasn’t saying the bigoted words, that I was seeing the real him!!! I NEVER focused on my hatred for either; however, I chose to NOT buy Madonna’s music. She was popular enough that I could hear it on the radio for FREE. With Mel, I still watched his movies, but switched the channel when he appeared on any talk show.

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I think Halle Berry is a trash human for doing a hit-and-run.

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Is there any other celebrity worse than trump? A TV show celebrity that made a great and beautiful country seemed so small, ugly and dumb. Made matters worse than it already is guaranteeing there will be more turbulent times ahead.

Hollywood celebrity. I guess the Kardashians? I understand the shallowness that comes in the form of entertainment is a big part of American culture yet I still get bothered sometimes when a self-made porn tape could lead to your entire family earning at least a billion dollars. Only in America.

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I NEVER considered t**** a celebrity!!! I didn’t watch his show as I saw him as a pathetic old rich man willing to sell his soul to make a few bucks that he did NOT “need” but wanted due to “greed”!!!

I also do my best to NOT think about the Kardashians, so I NEVER watch their show. Watching crap like that will make the brain mushy!!!

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Tom Cruise for his support of a criminal mafia masquerading as a ‘religion’ is one that really pisses me off.

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I never cared for Bob Hope. He was fake and unfunny. I read somewhere that Johnny Carson always hated interviewing Hope, because he was never spontaneously funny and couldn’t be interviewed without using cue cards. He once told his staff, “If I ever get like THAT guy, just shoot me!” Also, ditto Elvis and Jerry Lewis.

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