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Is Fluther going to let me ask a fourth question?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12537points) 1 month ago

Why is Fluther not preventing me from typing this right now?

May 23, four questions asked. Huh.

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4 questions asked on May 23.

What the hell?

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Now it blocks me from asking more questions.

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You can ask 3 questions every 12 hours.

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I thought it was three every 24.

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Me too. But as you can see, I have 4 that I asked on May 23.

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I thought it was 2 before meals – but no operating heavy machinery.

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There must be some award for beating the system.

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I’ve seen this before, and I think it might have to do with time zones and where the 24 hours start and end or where the time stamp originates, something like that. As I recall, it was sort of an optical-chronological illusion.

I sent several requests to the mods for clarification, but there’s been no response.

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