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Is the Lurve score broken or is it just my account?

Asked by Forever_Free (5882points) 1 month ago

I noticed that my Lurve score is only adding a daily +1 lately.
Not that it matters highly to me, but is it broken or is it just my misunderstanding of how the number calculates. I sent a message to mods, but no reply.

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I just gave you a great question. Your Lurve went up 3 points. You can get a maximum of 100 Lurve from each Jelly and five GQ per each question, and five GA per answer.

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Thanks much. I forgot about the maximums.

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I have noticed that some days the GA points add in on the same day & other times they don’t show up until the next day when you log in or “after” noon EDT. I’ve also noticed that sometimes you need to refresh the page before the update shows up & other times they automatically appear.

I also gave you a GQ & it added in the 3 points as it should.

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