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How can I tell one from the other?

Asked by Strauss (22718points) 1 month ago

I have two pairs of multicolored socks.
Actually I have many more socks than that, but these are the pairs in question!

These socks are identical with the following exceptios: one pair has a blue stripe at the top of the left sock, and a red stripe on the right. The other pair is just the opposite, with a red stripe on the left and a blue stripe on the right. Any suggestions as to make sure I have the correct socks on the correct feet?

Humor encouraged!

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Just look and compare left and right. They will be different.
The day you wear the blue stripe on the left, your right sock will be red stripe
The day you wear the red stripe on the left, your right sock will be a blue stripe

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You need to have two more feet for this dilemma. Become a quadruped and your problem will be solved!

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@canidmajor Not completely. @Strauss could simply take up sock puppetry. Put 2 socks on your feet and then the other 2 on your hands and go to town. Of course, I mean to literally go to town. Don’t put on shoes. Simply walk to town in your stocking feet and hands.

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Eat the socks.

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@Hawaii_Jake Well, that would certainly lessen the prospect of growing pains!

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How do you distinguish a left sock from a right sock? It makes sense for gloves, but I’m confused and in a panic to think that fornearly 80 years I have believed myself impeccably dressed, while unknowingly making a fool of my feet.

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By eating them, the left is sweeter while the right is sour.

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Match the socks with the blue stripe together. Same with red stripes. Then you don’t have to worry about it.

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I think there may be some misunderstanding – I can’t give you advice on sox.

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No sox please – we’re British!

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Wear the 2 blue stripe socks together, then the left will go on the left foot & the right on the right foot. The same goes for the red stripe socks.


IF you have to wear as a red & blue set, mark one set with a white piece of thread on the top inside & choose an orange piece of thread for the other pair. Then you will just need to peak on the inside of the socks to know which ones are pairs!!! After I wear my socks for 2 maybe 3 times, I can tell when I put them on my feet when I’ve got them on wrong.

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But @LadyMarissa, you’re supposed to wash them at some point! :-)

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@Strauss What about these socks makes any one of them right or left? Aren’t they bisocksual?

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@chyna I DO wash my socks & I can still tell which sock is which. The white & orange thread can be washed with NO adverse affects!!!

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I guess I can be political one day (left=blue, right=red), and whatever is the opposite of political on another day.

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Don’t your socks have toe memory?! You know…big impression where big toe goes and a little slant where the toes dwindle in size. Even after washing that’s how I tell mine apart.

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^^I wish I’d known about those years ago. I would have bought stocks in socks!

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Switch one sock from one pair to the other pair so that you have one pair with a blue stripe and one pair with a red stripe. And then don’t worry about which sock goes on which foot.

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Or…get all white socks and pile them in a drawer heater skelter.

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