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Why are some forms (for creating an email acount for eg) not one page long?

Asked by chefl (440points) 1 month ago

Some forms, whether it’s to create an email account or not, are more than one page long. , If one of the boxes says “required field” in the 2nd page, and it’s something you don’t have or don’t want to give out, time gets wasted doing the first page.This doesn’t seem to be beneficial to the website owner. So, why does it exist?

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poor design, unskilled web coder, lousy software.

A million reasons.

Probably the real reason is that they don’t feel like spending the money to fix it.

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Yeah, that particular concern tends to be low on the list of typical designers’ and owners’ priorities for consideration.

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What a pain in the neck. Even major government and businesses orgs have this issue.

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I think its to get you to submit your email address so they can spam you even if you dont sign up to what ever.

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Email address and first and last name are on the first page, and I have no problem with that.

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@chefl but then to get to the next page you have to submit and send it to them and then they can do what they want with it. It doesnt matter if you sign up to their service or what ever or n ot, they have enough to sell your details. It is an intentional design decision to make money Th out of you. The fact you don’t (and many others dont) have an issue providing that info is why they do it. Because it works.

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@Lightlyseared I go to those pages to ask them a question, (to send me some info), I need to send them my email address. Some of them don’t ask for those questions, but they are still time wasters because they are tooooo long and one may not have enough time to get to the “send” part.

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Come to think of it, as long as it’s not necessary to fill out page one before going to the next page, no problem.

And once there was no asterik in red or something like that to indicate the required field.

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