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Those of you living in cities and towns, what's the current stray dog situation where you live,?

Asked by HP (4421points) 1 month ago

I’ve noticed here that along with the disappearance of families with children you NEVER encounter dogs without visible masters on the steets anymore.

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I have not seen any stray dogs since I lived in Isla Vista back in the 1970s. Where I have lived for the last 40 years have all had pretty good animal control.

Plus the coyotes kind of take care of the problem.

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The other thing that struck me some time ago is that just as with young kids, people no longer allow their dogs to wander around the neighborhoods. There was a day when a neighbor’s dog or kid might be out roaming, spot you and walk you to the store.

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No stray dogs. Lots of stray cats. Millions and millions of feral chickens.

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Yeah. People do allow their cats to roam. And there are plenty of feral cats out and about as well. It’s really interesting, the dynamics among the cats. They’re constantly battling over something, but for some peculiar reason our big deck is apparently neutral ground. They gather on that deck and laze in the sun. I have otherwise never encountered such behavior from cats. If you open the door and catch them by surprise, the feral cats immediately bolt and disappear, while the pets may jump, but then give you that look of contempt as they plop back to sunning themselves.

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Millions of feral cats, lots of dumped dogs. Our shelters are full so they just dump them in our bedroom community a lot. Jerks.

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Wild coyotes in Seattle.

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We have them too, and a plague of raccoons in places you would least expect them.

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I do not think I have ever seen a stray dog. Cats, sure, but dogs, no.

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I’ve seen two stray humans and some stray cats in my yards, but it’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen any peripatetic poochies.

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Occasionally the people down the street leave their back yard gate open, and their dogs make it out to explore. But these dogs have collars and tags, so they’re not feral or wild.

The realy issue down here is deer – tons of them – all over the place, running across the street, through the yard, the works.

Interestingly, no cat problem here (in the burbs) – I think there are enough foxes, coyotes, and occasional bears that the cats are pretty well culled.

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I actually don’t know :( I see dogs roaming around on the street from time to time, both with and without collars. They kind of blend together that I’m not sure how many stray dogs there are.

I just know that they make road hazards. I almost get into accident with dogs on the street now and again. One dog even looked at me like I was the problem.

Dog snatchers are still a problem though, so I’m not sure if they see stray dogs as an opportunity and that keeps stray dogs under control.

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I never ever see a dog that isn’t on a leash with a human.

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I think twice in six years I saw a dog wandering around. I think both dogs had owners, but got away somehow.

The city where I live is really good about helping runaway dogs get back to their owners.

I haven’t seen any dogs that I think are truly strays in a very long time.

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No stray dogs here. If there are any dogs running loose, someone will catch it and post it on FB, or take it to the local pound.

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I used to see stray dogs in Berkeley. I thought it was odd because I hadn’t seen that before (where I grew up near San Diego).

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@Mimishu What do dog snatchers do with them?

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Freguent when Tourists arrive with their pets, who get away and in one case a dog was missing for over a year and one day came wandering in Town amoung a herd of wild Elk.
Poor thing was starved and eating grass and anything like berries ( if Spring) .
It was a miracle that it survived and not attatcked by wolves,bears and so on.
Curiously no word from the owners as to it becomming lost?
Every Summer a tourists is lookinf for its pet that got loose.
Tiny dogs are prey to the wild animals and don’t have a chance in the wilds.

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I don’t see any stray dogs here. I often see cats wandering about on their own but they look well fed and groomed and I’m sure have homes to go to.

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@KNOWITALL what they do is so horrible I’m not sure it’s appropriate to write about here…

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