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Would the leaders of the world be less argumentative if we brought back 'court jesters'?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33307points) May 30th, 2022

Way back when in the Middle Ages, British royalty had court jesters to entertain the royal household and its guests. Britain even licensed them as “royal fools”.

More importantly, they could say insulting (and true!) things to the King’s face and not get in trouble.

Would court jesters be useful today, for Putin, Kim Jung Un, Assad in Syria, and perhaps the current leader in Saudi Arabia?

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I would say most governments are already staffed with fools…

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If only… I would have a career! But world leaders need to discuss pros and cons
before making decisions… call it arguing… I’m for it.

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Well… we had trump….

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We had Trump and I think we should bring him back. Give him the impression that he is President and is running the country. We could use a replica Oval Office and Mar a Lago as film sets and give the man unlimited access to a dummy Twitter site. Extras would be paid to wear MAGA hats and attend his rallies to cheer at every inanity he utters and so blowing up his self conceit to monstrous proportions. It would be hilarious.

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We now have Trevor Norris, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel.

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I love the movie The Court Jester.

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I don’t think so unfortunately.

Court jesters were historically used only in Western countries. In other countries they were unheard of. There were countries that outright executed people just because they said a benign thing with their friend that happened to contain a word that resembled the name of the king’s cousin’s grandma.

Such easily offended government obviously wouldn’t appreciate any kind of humor, let alone a court jester.

This question may be asked for fun, but in a hypothetical scenario like that I still don’t see any happy ending for it.

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Well…there was that whole thing with the Hundred Years War – Lots of arguments and over three million casualities.

I think most of them were court jesters.

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You’re assuming they don’t have them. These “leaders” are probably surrounded by jesters, but the jesters have more official sounding titles.

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