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No we are too busy watching Sarah Palin’s ass…....the new national obsession.
A new “opiate for the masses”.


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As an American, I’m proud of the selfless sacrifice of our great economy so that we can teach Russia a lesson for their unprovoked attack on an innocent, fledgling democracy. I can only hope that the $1 billion or so of foreign aid is enough to rebuild Georgia’s defenses. Otherwise, I’ll gladly pledge seven generations of my offspring’s wages to make up the difference.

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Um, Georgia invaded South Ossetia first, its just that everyone hates communists

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Russia is formally a democracy.
Russian stock exchange is formally a stock exchange.

Reality is quite different, I guess.

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China, too, apparently. Not as bad, though.

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The meltdown prompted Russia’s central bank to slash reserve requirements for banks in a bid to restore confidence as central bank head Sergei Ignatyev said he hoped for a “normalisation of the situation” in several days.


Huh… it’s exactly that kind of thing which caused the sub-prime meltdown, as well as allowed Freddie Mae/Fannie Mac to cook their books.

Not a finance guy, but this strikes me as a desperate attempt to patch things temporarily in the hopes of getting a short-term gain. The downside is increased risk of significant long-term loss.

Yuck. No one learns.

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We could see military action prior to the US elections around Georgia or S. America.

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@chris- you’ll appreciate this:

and it’s called sarcasm, folks

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