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Has anyone here done the Camino Santiago Compostela pilgrimage?

Asked by St.George (5855points) September 17th, 2008

How long did it take you? How much did it cost? How young of a child do you think would be able to make the walk?

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Where in the world is Camino Santiago?

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tee hee

Spain. From France into Spain actually.

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Have done little bits of it. Some of them can be really tough: mountains, rain, extreme heat on the plains. It takes weeks and weeks if you start in France; the hostels (free) aren’t comfy and are sometimes far apart; the weather can be harsh. There are some memoirs of it out there – do a little reading. One by Jack Hitt is very good.

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I was going to start in France so I guess I’ll wait until my daughter is in middle school. I’ll check out Jack Hitt. Thanks.

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