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Can you really make the traffic light green with a universal remote, and does it mess up the system?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) August 6th, 2007


I've heard you can chage the traffic lights to green with a universal remote. How does this work, and does it mess up the system, so that you have green, but also the drivers on your right/left? Boom!

Greetings, Davey.

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Some can be change with quick blink of your headlights. Emergency vehicles have a device called an opticom which is a device that has a fast blinking strobe. The sensor near the light itself pick this up and gives you the green light. It doesn't mess anything up.

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I've seen these devices on ebay but they were selling for close to $300 so be prepared to shell out some bucks for those green lights!

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It’s easy. Almost any simple universal remote will work. All you have to do is program the code 911, and figure out which button sends the right frequency.

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