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Why do the Bettas in my bed room keep dieing but the one in my bathroom lives forever?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) September 18th, 2008

I like to keep a Betta (fish) in my bedroom and my bathroom. I feed them and change their water on the same schedule. There are windows in both rooms so water temp changes doesn’t play a role. (not to mention the dramatic change in temp when take a shower) Bathroom fish out lived two bedroom fish. Why?

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That is a good question. I can’t wait to see what others think. Since I’m clueless.

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Perhaps it’s a coincidence? That’s my guess, but Bettas can be a temperamental fish, so who knows? Hopefully someone knows more than I do.

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Oh I hate fish. They have an average life span in my house of a couple of weeks. I’ve given up on em.

Perhaps the ones in the bathroom have more to watch to entertain themselves. Know what I mean, more to live for as such ;-)

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Were the two bedroom fish together or places where they can see each other easily?

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Oh, nah. I got one, it died, I got another one, it died.

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If you got the one in the bathroom first and then the other two at a later date, it could be that they had some sort of disease or condition from the supplier which led to their demise. Or, with the way a lot of bettas are shipped in the smallest cups imaginable, they can often be in pretty bad health when they get home. How long did they last in the bedroom before dying?

I’ve read stories of entire tanks of fish dying when in a room with those spray-type, plug-in air fresheners or deodorant being sprayed often. Perhaps it’s something along those lines…

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@damien that picture you linked to is actually larger than what i see them shipped in. At the LFS i work at we get bettas shipped in smaller plastic bags just larger than the fish with barley enough water for them. Personally i think its wrong, but theres not much i can do about it.

I do agree though its probably just a coincidence. That or you should start getting nakie for bedroom fish too, he may be missing out or something ;)

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