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Why do the majority of Canadians live with in 100 miles of the United States Border?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23808points) June 13th, 2022

Is it the weather?

Humor welcome:

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Weather is part of it, but also nearness to cities and civilization. So much of Canada is empty space.

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I would say the climate is the main part of it. The southern part of Canada is the most habitable. The same thing can be seen in Siberia: most of the cities are near the borders with China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other countries to the south of Russia.

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It’s the tropical part of the freezer.

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The word of the day is: Inhabitable.

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It’s warmer in the South, and the Great Lakes provide easy transport of materials and what-not, so there is/are commerce/jobs there.

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They want to bask in our reflected glory. ~~~

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I think they also want to have most Canadians near the border so they can patrol it.
This is to keep snowbacks from the lowest 48 from invading.


I noticed that you’ve lived about 270, and now about 230 air miles north of the 49th.
Are you trying to avoid us? ;(

Just noticed that Los Angeles and Jasper have the same longitude: 118º.

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@Brian1946 No just living close to the good restaurants and apartments that have cheap rent.

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If you want cheap rent, how about Tuktoyaktuk?
I’m sure there’s plenty to do, too. Believe it or not, the widow of the Nirvana guy played there, I think. ;p

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@Brian1946 I will consider that thanks.

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Improved logistics and shorter distances for when they decide to burn down the white house again.

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“Only a narrow band of territory in southern and eastern Canada has the climate and physical geography suitable for agricultural production and widespread settlement.
Moreover, Canada’s economy is so closely tied to that of the United States that it makes sense for people to live close to the US border.”

Canada › s07–04-canada

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Closer to REAL life saving medicine.

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