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Am I being too sensitive?

Asked by Cindy1302 (629points) 1 month ago

I met a girl on playstation a little over a year ago. We were chatting in a party about a month ago with one of her other friends. She would call him names like dumbass and idiot. Mostly in a jokey tone but I still found it to be rude. I eventually called her out and said she was being mean. She said she is only mean to people who have wronged her. Well I was just gonna ghost her but I sent her this message on fb. “Look, I still want to be friends, and game together, but you need to be respectful to other people. You were harsh to that guy we were playing with a while back”. Am i being too sensitive or does she sound like a bully?

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No, I asked if I should block her. I decided to send her a message and still try to be friends. I was just wondering if im being too sensitive

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Your feelings are your feelings. Most of us learn have to behave with others by putting things out and seeing the reaction we get. And judging who the reaction is from. That’s why it’s so important to learn about yourself in real life interactions rather than just online because there’s so much more nuance in interacting with a person face to face. I think in this case you should sit with your discomfort and see how it plays out.

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You don’t tell us how the person she made those comments to reacted to them.

Although I can see that her apparent rudeness upset you I have to say that it is for the person she was rude to to comment and if it upset him he should have told her so and it would be her and him to sort the problem between them out.

If you feel so strongly about what happened perhaps yo should should subscribe to another group to play this game with or simply accept that the girl was being rude in your opinion.

You did say she make those comments she appeared to say she said them in a as a joke
and if the person she said it to took it as a joke and accepted the comments then you should accept this ans imply carry as normal.

The girl could take your comment as unfriendly and decide to have a go at you

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“Am i being too sensitive or does she sound like a bully?”
– Depends on the actual content of the conversations between those two, which I haven’t seen, so I can’t say. Some people can/do jokingly call each other dumbass or idiot without it being particularly bad, so although it’s probably not a great thing to do, I wouldn’t say it always necessarily amounts to bullying, and may not be worth losing an otherwise positive acquaintance over. It might be possible to correct their behavior over time with more moderate feedback, though again, that depends on the details of actual relationship and the other person etc.

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“If the situation is:

a. the girl is very mean to that person – I think you just did the right thing to be being straight forward to her. It’s also a nice move that at the end of the day you still talked to her and informed her that despite of what she did to a person, you still want to have friends with her. You giving her a little advice and some realization on what she had done is being a true friend too! It does not matter if you have hurt her feelings, because what you’re saying is just the truth~ that’s what really happened because of her. So if want to make friends with you, she will let this thing past and go apologize for the person or maybe just not do that kind of behavior again in the future. But if she still insist that what she did was right, I don’t think keeping a friend with that attitude would last for long. You did nothing wrong just to be clear. that move is right.”

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