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How should I cook a full rack of ribs on the grill?

Asked by alabare (282points) August 6th, 2007

I can cook the hell out of burgers, dogs, and chicken on the grill, but have no experience cooking ribs. Any suggestions for cooking time? BBQ sauce? Etc.

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As slow as possible. Check out,,FOOD_9936_11125,00.html?rsrc=search

Who recommends not doing them on the grill -- it's really hard to regulate temperature, and they're just as tasty not. If you really want that grilled flavor, cook them in the oven, then transfer to a medium-to-high heat grill, and finish them there for about a minute or two.

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Smoking them over many hours is probably the best route, but you need a smoker, not a grill. In addition to baking, then finishing on the grill. You can boil, then finish on the grill. Sauce when they are about finished, otherwise it will burn on the ribs.

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First I sear them on the grill. Then I mix a 12 ounce jar of B-B-Que sauce with an equal amount of water, 4 ounces of bourbon add seasoning like caynne pepper to your taste level. Boil your ribs in this mixture covered (I get a throw away tin pan and cover it with foil) on the grill for a few hours. The ribs will be soooo tender you may be able to eat the bones!

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i would cook them well….. :)

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Cook them on a weber over indirect heat with ½ the normal amount of coals. I use 8 coals per side coal basket. Get the rib rack to stand them on their sides so you can cook 4 slabs at a time. Plan on at least 3–4 hours and they will be yummy!

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