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Is China really planning to go to war and invade the US?

Asked by raiden88 (68points) 1 month ago

I came upon a video in Youtube with Joe Rogan saying that’s so, and that America would be totally alone in that war. If that’s really the case, I’ll be fleeing to Canada as I would be really against this kind of war. This really scares me. I never actually watched the video but I read some comments talking about it. In the past I also came upon newsreels on the internet talking about this kind of stuff.
I fear that if this happens, we Americans will fall in just a matter of hours, and that the country will no longer exist on the map. I hate politics around the world really. I love America, democracy and our freedoms. It is my country after all. But if there is one thing that I hate, it’s what our government has become and all these corporations influencing the American people in such negative ways. The US government has been like this for quite some time now. There is no doubt in my mind that we Americans like all human beings are far from being perfect and we have done many bad things in other countries. But we’ve also done a lot of good as well. There are other great countries that have done many evil things long before the USA ever existed. People on the net are talking about the escalating tension between these two superpowers. What if the US were a communist country or a dictatorship? Would the world think more highly of us if we just surrendered before this war happens? People are already hailing the Chinese government as heroes. Is this a more complicated matter and that there’s more to all this than meets the eye? I really hope this doesn’t happen or at least not anytime soon but if I hear that we and China are going to war with each other, I’m going to Canada to be safe as the outcome will not be good.

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@raiden88: “I came upon a video in Youtube with Joe Rogan saying that’s so”

Move on. Just go binge watch Stranger Things. It would be more productive than getting yourself worked up by a guy who believes his special belly button nootropic gel will improve brain function.

(I cant make much sense out of the other details in your question.)

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You should not listen to Joe Rogan. The man is an idiot.
China’s economy depends on exporting their products to the west, just like the west depends on China to produce their stuff. The colonies alone make up almost 20% of their exports. They have no reason to invade their biggest customer.
They only have 2 ways to invade: Sending a massive fleet across the pacific, which is frankly a ludicrous idea.
And crossing the Bering Sea to Alaska, which means not only would they first have to invade Russia, but after landing in Alaska, they would have to cross Canada next.
And Article 5 of Nato is not just a suggestion. China invading the colonies would automatically bring everyone else in Nato into the war against China.
And about the country falling in “a matter of hours”:
For the past months, we have seen how Russia, a major superpower, at least on paper, has fared against Ukraine. Everyone expected a steam roll, but they have been forced to retreate from their attempt to take the capital, and have been in a stalemate ever since. And Russia is right next to Ukraine, with no ocean in between them compromising their supply lines.
There is just no way that China, even assuming they landed on the east coast unimpeded, would make any signficant progress inland, when their reinforcements across the oceans would be sunk by submarines.

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China certainly has no interest in invading the USA. That’s not what they do. They take over by first targeting a nation’s economy and get them indebted to China. Then they begin to slowly take over their infrastructure and resources. They generally leave the people and culture alone, unless either pose any threat to the gov’t. If so, they smash them. In the united states China can simply buy it a little at a time. They’re so entangled with us that any kinetic conflict would likely cause the demise of both nations.

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It couldn’t happen. Remember all those guns that Americans have?? Well, we got ammo, too.

Remember also that 50% of everything you read on the internet is BS.

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Joe Rogan is clickbait, nothing more.

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China plays the long, long game. They haven’t even invaded Taiwan yet.
Ain’t gonna happen.

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China will not bother with invading the United States. China is hell bent on simply doing what we did to the Soviet Union. China learns from its mistakes, and unlike us, learns from OUR mistakes and exploits them in its efforts to supercede us toward world dominance. They are thus visibly whipping us at the soft power game. And most of are blissfully unaware of just how crucially this goal was advanced in the 4 years of Trump and his loudmouthed “America First” clown show, as the Chinese built roads and infrastructure world wide and acquired strategic ports and natural resources from our supposed allies; our clown conveniently abandoned the field of diplomacy and economic negotiation. The vacuum of a missing United States was filled of course by China which should erect a statue to the fool as America’s present to the “mandate of heaven,”.

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Well if Joe Rogan said it, it must be true…

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HP. You’re not saying that the US will be under Chinese communist dictatorship rule are you?

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What do you think we need to do to do better as a country? For one thing, I think we need to start electing leaders who are truly strong, benevolent, wise, and pragmatic. Second, we should try some diplomacy for once which probably won’t happen because of the way our leaders are doing things. And third, we need to start learning from our mistakes as well as those of other countries. I don’t trust our government either, but will communism make America a better country than it is now?

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@raiden88 I’m not saying that America will be under Chinese dictatorship. The Chinese will have no need anymore than we need dominate Mexico or Guatemala. The Chinese are betting that the weaknesses inherent in our democracy will be the end of us, and the signs are all around us proving them right. The Chinese look at us and conclude (correctly) that the people are not to be trusted with politics or for that matter control of their own destinies. And for my money, we will be forced to the same conclusion. For we are presently witnessing how our
vaunted freedoms are so readily manipulated to destroy us. Those who criticize China’s suppression of free expression—freedom of speech for example have not considered the implications of twitter and facebook regarding obliteration of the truth. The Russians showed us point blank the uses of freedom of speech in the hands of a woefully ignorant population. The Chinese have no such vulnerabilities.

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HP. Are you implying that the US will no longer exist as a country? Will communism and dictatorship be a better form of government for the US? Forgive me for asking these questions but I feel you’re implying that personal freedom and civil liberties should be sacrificed in order to achieve peace and power. I just don’t seem to understand it. Should I be ashamed to be born American? I’m proud of my nationality, but I’m not proud of our government the way it is right now. Like I said, we need someone to take over our government, and then help lead the American people out of this mess. Are you supporting the Chinese communist government? I value our freedoms, but if you’re implying that freedom of speech shouldn’t exist, you’re wrong. I think this freedom has been abused by us and other countries over the years.

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Josh Rogan is freaking liar, passing WS and conservative BS to the gullible.. !

Your mileage may vary

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I am not advocating winners or losers in this. I certainly want all the freedom I have to label Trump a malevolent pig without fear of being disappeared. The Chinese are allowed no such luxury, and we all know it. My point isn’t that our system isn’t good or bad. My point is that our system must surely succumb if enough people are incapable of rational decisions regarding the collective effort. The Chinese do not allow individuals the freedom to tell one another that vaccines will kill you or Hillary heads up a child prostitution ring. The question of which system will prosper or fail is of course speculation. I’m merely saying it looks rather grim for us.

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Militaries all over the world are preparing for any and all circumstances. Doesn’t mean that they would actually carry through on it. I’m sure that China has the same plans as Canada and the USA, (NORAD) just in case.

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No. It is not true.

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I actually do not really know about politics or any detailed facts about the world, but if this really happen, it will chaos and very scary, let’s just pray that this thing will never happen and that every each of us just focus on the good and our usual lives. it’s the least we can do.

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No, but a proxy war in Taiwan isn’t out of the question.

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@HP chinnup! The downfall of authoritarians has usually been that by silencing dissent, they lose their grasp on reality, and for all their power, make the wrong decisions. China is certainly trying to rewrite those rules, but they’re working against historical forces.

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@Smashley Overall, I must disagree. It isn’t the authoritarians that are going against history. They have in fact been the rule since the dawn of history itself. It is the radical idea that the people are capable of governing themselves that is exceptional and out of place regarding “what’s normal.” And a simple glance at the problems we here confront forces me to concede that authoritarians have a valid point. The Chinese with a billion people have concluded that societal harmony takes preference over individual rights. And current affairs here point toward validation of that dictum. For instance, the Chinese (in league with the world at large) look on our application of the second amendment as absurd stupidity. And our accelerating gun deaths would convince any objective observer that the people at large are not to be trusted with limitless access to the things.

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