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I find it very odd that there is not one line or wrinkle on the face, so maybe it is photo shopped. But I really have no idea.

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It could just be a glamour shot with the subject nicely made up.

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Not to me, the shadow from the light source is consistent throughout, as is coloring and shading of complexion. She has very nice skin tones.

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Why go thru all this if it wasn’t? I say yes! Her nose hairs were edited out for sure.

As for wrinkles, a photog told me that some people are not encouraged to smile,
because then their wrinkles really show.

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Possibly under her left eye.

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Yes, the right side (as we look) is clearly different, almost as if was taken on another day.

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The pupils look weird. I agree with @filmfann that there’s something going on under her left eye as well.

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Yes, here and there. Also kind of looks like a wig.

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It doesn’t look quite real to me so I think it is photoshopped or computer generated.

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Maybe some type of filter. The skin looks too flat.

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Under the left eye there is a big spot that is the same color as the forehead. Her right pupil is mishappen on the bottom right and so are both of her irises. They are a little flat on the bottom to the right and left instead of round and the light is not reflecting the same in both of her pupils. Now, it could be contacts and bad makeup so it’s hard to say if it’s photoshopped. I do find it odd that such a clear picture would have such a fuzzy hairline appearance. The top lip also has a pale line running across it. But again. Could be poor applied lipstick or poorly applied photoshopped paint.

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It looks photoshopped to me, not much but it does look modified.

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Under the bottom lip, there’s a shadow that doesn’t look natural.

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It looks touched up – a little fuzzy in places. What’s that called, blending, or something?
The eyebrows stand out most to me, but facial skin and lips also look a little soft.

I’m kinda hoping this is a big gotcha but I’m sticking with my statement for now.

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Definitely tweaked. Can also be digital painting.

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