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How panicked should I be?

Asked by andrew (16380points) September 18th, 2008

Just got blood test results back from the vet for our cat. She told me that organ vitals look good, but white blood cell and platelets are really low.

Stats: 8 year old persian.
He’s lost about 14 ounces in the last few months. Down from nearly 11lbs to 10 lbs
His activity is good, appetite is normal.

She wants to check again next week to see if it was a lab fluke/mistake.

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I’m no expert, as you know, but maybe the move traumatized him. Milo arrived here at 11 lbs and when life (and I) finally calmed down, he began to fill out. Now at 12 lbs. But we never had blood work done during his brief nervous breakdown; just hydration and antibiotics, due to temp.

Keep us posted. You get attached in spite of everything, don’t you? (Has he been eating any of your exotic plant life?)

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Well panic is never a good thing. If the vet isn’t alarmed then you shouldn’t be. But it couldn’t hurt to get a second opinion.

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I’m wondering about lab error. Low white count can be an indicator of feline leukemia, and anemia can be caused by several disease processes. But I would expect the cat to act as if it doesn’t feel well. The weight loss is concerning, but if he’s truly asymptomatic, wait and see what the repeat bloodwork shows.

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If you continue to be proactive with the vet visits and care then no need to work yourself up. Your doing what you can, good job. Your cat is lucky to have a concerned owner like you. Best wishs to you and the mouser.

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i would take good care of him andtake him back to run the work again next week. We had a cat die of failed kidneys as a result of nonlukemia cancer butshe showed signs long before. If he seems fine just presume it may be stress and give him some extra love and take him in next week

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If the vet has no suggestions when you return, I would get a second opinion. Is there a Vet School near you where you could see someone? They often have experience with oddities that the general vet population is not equipped to handle.

Have you ruled out other causes for the weight loss? (Change of food) (Stress)

Good luck to you and kitty.

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Don’t panic. You are doing the right thing by having him checked out. Wait until you get the second test. From some of the other answers, I gather that you have recently moved. If so, moving can be stressful for a cat. This could account for the weight loss. Also, FYI cats have the ablility to “not show that they are sick”. I guess it’s a sort of survival thing so that they are not percieved as vulerable or weak. Good luck.

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Good news! It was a lab error! Kitty is totally fine.

Of course, it didn’t help that the vet took 3 days to call me back. Grrrr.

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Good. May you continue to serve kitty’s every need.

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Glad to hear it, Andrew.

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Yay for the kitty

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I’m glad it was nothing. Just more proof that is does no good what so ever to panic. Even if it would have been true, panic is not a response that would lead to a positive outcome.

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