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Justice Thomas wants to roll back other rights, too, like desegregation, gay marriage, etc. Are we looking at a future Supreme Court that would allow castration, neutering, or imprisonment of currently protected populations?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31763points) 1 month ago

Women are now second class citizens after the destruction of Roe versus Wade by the Supreme Court.

‘Uncle’ Thomas wants to get rid of similar court decisions that (he says) aren’t supported by the Constitution. That would make blacks subject to segregation (again) and take away rights from other groups like gays and lesbians.

Given the approval of expanded gun rights the same week that women lost their rights, can you see a future time when currently protected populations will be castrated, imprisoned, or killed?

[My view: given this week’s events, it’s not unthinkable.]

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Overturning laws allowing interracial marriage would get him out of his.

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Only non-white ones.

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His marriage could be illegal in 20 states !

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When would it end?? Could anything he could reconsider be overturned again in years to come??

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Truly crazy Republicans ,I sure hope the American voter remembers this come voting day.
What’s next Marjorie Taylor Green for president?

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I also want to add I think it’s disgusting that the Supreme court has become a pawn for the Republicans.

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@SQUEEKY2 I think it more like pawns for Putin !

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If the tables were turned and more left wing activist justices gained control of the supreme court they would be attacking rights also. Just different ones.

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@Blackwater_Park Name two rights the left would take away really!

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@Tropical_Willie: The right for the mentally ill and children to own automatic weapons.

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They would instantly gut the 2nd amendment.

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Why would they do that , is it because NRA and alt-right say they would ?

And what is the other one ?

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