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Can you think of any rights that Justice Thomas can or will take away from straight white men?

Asked by chyna (47828points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I’ve tried to think of even just one, and can’t come up with one. So far he has taken rights away from women, now he’s trying to go after birth control, LBGTQ+, and sex acts in the privacy of your own homes which is just another way to condemn LBGTQ’s. He can’t ban interracial marriages because he is in one.
So where will the straight white men be attacked?

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The right to purchase condoms.

“When buying condoms are illegal, only illegals will have condoms”.

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I didn’t think he go for the desegregation issue since he’s a black man…but he did. So, I won’t be shocked when the interracial marriage thing becomes one of his issues. He might be so unhappy in his marriage that he’d look forward to a law tearing them apart!!!

What he hasn’t figured out yet is that when the white men using him for their own purpose tire of him or when he’s done everything that they’ve asked of him, they will turn on him like a rabid dog & he will lose his status as well!!!

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They just reduced everyone’s rights to effective council (which will have a significant impact on straight white men—though not targeted explicitly at them). Essentially if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you, but if they’re completely incompetent and fail to present certain favorable evidence at trial, then too bad, so sad.

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I see the “if you can’t afford a lawyer” thing as being one of the next things to go!!!

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They’ve ended the right to sue if your Miranda rights aren’t read so that affects white men.

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Everyone seems to assume abortion bans are not affecting men but they do, profoundly.

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Disgusting, is it not?
It no longer matters that you can prove your innocence, even if it is after the conviction.
It only matters that the state can kill kill kill, to show how tough they are on crime.

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@ragingloli It’s only disgusting if you believe all people have the right to equal justice in the eyes of the law.

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I have heard the saying before, that you do not have a justice system. You have a legal system.
It is frightening how true that is.

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How would Thomas react to a law against mixed race marriage, as suggested by Whoopi Goldberg?

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Miranda rights was what came to my mind too, but that will affect Black men more.

Laws that negatively impact women impact men too. The white me who are brainwashed or ignorant just don’t realize it yet. When it is their wife or daughter who dies they might wake up. Maybe. A lot of the lunatic right wingers did not wake up to the fact that covid kills when their spouse died from covid.

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I can’t see anything glaringly negative white sided like that considering that the court is and has a long history of discriminating against gender and race.
The sad part is that the Supreme Court rulings always include the perspective of a white male, but often exclude viewpoints of Black and Latina justices

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@chyna Just being a ‘straight white man’ is reason to be cancelled, ridiculed and banned!
Want evidence? Look at our current vice president, chosen not because of achievement
or intelligence.

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^^^^^^^ @WhyNow In your Humble opinion ! ^^^^^^

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@Tropical_Willie You mean my eyes (and ears) are lying and you have proof
of otherwise? Please tell me so I can argue pro Kamala.

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Because 7 years of being district attorney of SF, and 6 years of being attorney general of california is not enough “achievement” or enough proof of intelligence when you have brown skin.

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@Tropical_Willie Oh… I get it. My opinion is- Biden could have chosen a straight
white man. Instead (in my opinion) he chose based on identity. Ok

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@ragingloli I won’t write a thesis of what she did in office. I seem to remember 1%
of her home state was set to endorse her presidential bid. I also listen to her speak.
Her attempts to convey ideas are so sophomoric and painful BUT if this is the best
we got in America than maybe it’s time for us to become a third world country.

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^But trump can’t speak above a 4th grade level. Two syllables is all he can muster.

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@chyna And so you divert. I call it the ‘no you are’ style of debate.
Soon, the mods will step in and nobody cares and nobody listens.
I also will never understand why some people feel so so much hate towards
this country so as to never allow redemption.

No redemption means if you are a straight white male you are guilty!
It does not matter what you did or what your politics are! Just shut up
and take your punishment!

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^^The Democrats put in a straight white male in the top spot, I don’t think we can say the Democrats hate all straight white men.

I didn’t agree with choosing Kamala as his running mate, and quite honestly I hope the Democrats choose an all white team to run for president and VP in 2024, because I think the election of Obama helped lead us to Trump. Sad to say.

Bush had Rice and Powell, was that ok? You accuse Democrats of being very focused on race, why are you so focused on race?

I think when you see a Black person who is liberal it registers in your mind differently than when it’s a white person. Same with when the person speaks well or not. Democrats also have a problem with this, they jumped all over Bush for screwing up words, I never liked that, its difficult to speak in front of a camera.

Trump was the king of three word phrases and speaking on a 5th grade level for the masses. It was very effective, I always gave him credit for that. My point is he speaks to his audience on an elementary level.

When Hillary changed her accent from one region of the US to another people said she was pandering. No, she was doing what most people do who have lived for many years in three areas of the country, auto-adjusting to the dialect in the region.

Criticizing how candidates speak is somewhat of a distraction in my opinion. What really matters is their policy and goals.

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^^ why are you so focused on race?’ It’s in the question. Can you honestly listen to the
pres ant veep and not be disturbed? Can you honestly listen to the
pres ant veep and understand?

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I’m old enough to remember when the straight white male had ALL the power & they willingly gave it up because it was too much work & they grew lazy!!! They wanted somebody else to carry the load. Who did they turn to??? The black population & females. I think we’ve BOTH handled the load very well. Now that the straight white male population is well rested & being treated like they treated others when they were in power, they expect us to just hand it back over…It does NOT work that way…A black female could whip this country back into shape!!! Kamala may not be the perfect person for the job; but I like that her goal in life is NOT to be a dictator nor will she lead a mob to our US Capitol because she didn’t win!!!

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@WhyNow I never liked Kamala Harris much. I like her much better than someone who wants to stay in power unending, ignoring the will of the people, and who is willing to fulfill the religious right’s goals of turning the US into a theocracy.

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The right to be a deadbeat dad.

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