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Do you think elected public figures take social media into consideration when deciding what bills to pass?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45440points) 1 month ago

Do they do a Facebook search to gauge the mood of the majority of their constituents? Twitter?

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Doubtful. It’s about electability and money. Now, there may be a connection between electability and social media, but not always.

Basically, politicians votes are based on who pays them the most. (bribes, contributions, etc.)

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Totally agree!!^^^^

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Yep, it’s the money. What the constituents want is irrelevant to their decisions.

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If Trump proves anything, it is that the internet has eliminated any need for former endorsement by a reputable press. It is a technological revolution rendering the truth, integrety and basic common sense all superfluous. Character is therefore no longer an asset, and in any contest it is now the superficial that matters MOST. Straight white teeth trump a lifelong record of sound judgement or a lifetime of proven expertise. In fact with social media, the mantra for striving politicians is now THE DUMBER THE BETTER.

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Well they should! After all they are elected to represent the will of their constituents.
But to thine own self be true, nobody likes a phony!

And agree with all of the above, money has an irresistible pull.

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No. As some posters have said above, it’s all about $$$

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I believe there are some that do take this into consideration. They are the least informed ones and all that matters to them is perception.
It is a dark time in politics!

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Yes. I think they probably look at social media among other things that they do to gauge their constituents.

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