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Men: would you sign up for a non-permanent safe/effective birth control option if it were available to you?

Asked by gorillapaws (28846points) 1 month ago

If there were a pill/injection/implant available that was safe and effective at preventing pregnancy, wasn’t permanent, and you were at a stage in your life that didn’t including fathering a child, would you have been up for it? I feel like most (all?) of my friends would have been 100% on board that train.

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Yes. I take full responsibility in this area.

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No, because I don’t think there’s any chance that I’ll impregnate my hand.
However, if I’m wrong, I’ll get a reverse hand job! ;p

Seriously though, I’m 75 and my wife is 80, so it’s not a concern.
I definitely would if were younger.

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Yes! I had a vasectomy after my second child.
35+ years later, I had a prostatectomy. That really finished the job.

I think I should have received some small credit for the snip.

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Yes, absolutely. I have been following the development of the RISUG method for a long time. Unfortunately, it has been held up by a number of obstacles. The numbers are a little all over the place, but there does seem to be significant interest among men in several different countries.

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Yes, if I were straight I would have no issue taking a male contraceptive pill. I’ve never thought the burden should only be on the woman.

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I would absolutely go for it unless I also had to become your friend then I would ponder it.

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Sure, but at my age, it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to be in a position to impregnate anyone, anyway.

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Absolutely. I signed up for a vasectomy so I couldn’t father any more children. But I would want something that also protects against social diseases.

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Doesn’t a condom do all of the above?

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I imagine that’s his point. But if you’re in a situation where you don’t need to worry about diseases, an alternative male contraceptive is likely to be better all around.

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If it were as “safe” as female birth control pills? No. I’d just use condoms.

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Yes. Provided disease isn’t an issue.

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In the day, yes. Nowadays I’m too old to worry about that and so is my wife

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If the case would be that this is not permanent, and it is really guaranteed that it is safe to use and that it was already proven and tested medically, I’d say this is a good option if you really want to get pregnant or may want to preven pregnancy first.

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Of course.

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Yes! Raising a child is frickin’ expensive and takes a huge amount of effort! I have more than enough kids already.

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I have a hard enough time potty training a puppy. I can’t imagine what it takes to raise a kid.

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Depending on risks/pain/cost, yes! I certainly wouldn’t want to cause any unwanted pregnancies. Who would?

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